C.Bechstein M/P 192 Polished Ebony Grand Piano

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size: 153.00 W × 102.00 H × 192.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Years Warranty 3 Complimentary tunings as required in the home

C.Bechstein M/P 192

An Exquisite 6' Piano for Unmatched Musical Excellence

Product Overview

Discover the pinnacle of high-end pianos with the C. Bechstein Concert series, handcrafted at the renowned C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik in Germany. The C. Bechstein A 192 Salon Grand Piano (formerly C. Bechstein MP192) stands out as a transcendent 6' acoustic piano. Meticulously built over 15 months, it features a Stradivarius spruce soundboard, impeccable finishing, and expert carpentry, creating a true work of art.


The C. Bechstein M/P 192 boasts the revered 'Gold Line Action' found in the flagship D282 concert grand piano. Crafted with premium materials, this action offers unparalleled responsiveness, control, and playability, meeting the demands of even the most accomplished pianists.


he C. Bechstein M/P 192 produces breathtaking tones with a rich palette of colors, sustain, and clarity. The exceptional tension scale ensures well-balanced harmonics, while the responsive soundboard maintains clarity even during powerful chords. The treble sings with a beautiful attack, the mid-range offers tonal versatility, and the warm bass transitions seamlessly from the tenor.


Crafted in-house, the select hammers of the Concert series, including the A 192, feature a rare dark walnut core. Sourced from New Zealand, the wool used in the hammers is expertly attached, and skilled craftsmen meticulously voice them, shaping the A 192's lyrical voice.


The A 192's world-renowned soundboard is crafted from Red Spruce sourced from the legendary Val Di' Fiemme forest in Italy. Its precise design allows it to respond to vibrations without energy loss, creating exceptional tonal characteristics.


The instrument's structure allows the rim and frame to resonate freely, actively contributing to the sound production. With three-way joinery and meticulously selected aged woods, the A 192 offers stability and optimized tonal projection.

The C. Bechstein M/P 192 is the epitome of musical excellence, combining craftsmanship, advanced engineering, and unrivaled artistry.

Available in a variety of special finishes, the A 192 will be the crown jewel of whatever room it finds itself in.


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