C.Bechstein Model 8 Concert Piano

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size: 154.00 W × 131.00 H × 63.00 L
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Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

C.Bechstein Model 8

If you wanted to buy an upright piano that epitomized the top ten, you could not go wrong with this classic example of a C.Bechstein Model 8

It's 131cm height provides room for a remarkable accoustic assembly, similar to that of the C.Bechstein grands in their masterpiece class.

Fully hand made in Germany in 1985  this exceptionally well looked after piano, features; as such found in their Concert Model 8 and their grands are the sophisticated dynamics of a graduatated and subtly colorful timbre with optimized sound development.

Such outstanding characteristics explain why several revered musical artists, including Simon & Garfunkel, Sir Simon Rattle and te Beatles, made this piano their favourite instrument.

The C.Bechstein current series 8 lays claim to the "King of Uprights" .

All in all a delightfull piano to play and perform on, in astoundingly good condition.





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