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Technical Specifications

  • Special Bavarian solid spruce soundboard, seasoned and  united to a precisely constructed back-frame affirms long-lasting construction, with a rich tonal spectrum.
  • Climate-resistant laminated pin-block provides excellent and long-lasting tuning stability, very desirable for our climate.
  • CNC produced cast-iron plate with V-bard in the base section produces the best possible purity of sound, thus creating perfectly balanced string tension.
  • Paulello stainless steel wire creates richer tone with greater string longevity.
  • Traditional pedal system with wooden levers, springs and a solid brass cast produces noiseless, which in turn requires minimal technical maintenance.
  • Uniquely produced FEURICH Celeste pedal enables quiet practice times.
  • The black keys made of real wood accentuate the extraordinary quality of this instrument.

The FEURICH Mod. 122 was completely redesigned and it has a Deep bass, crystal clear treble and a wide middle section.

The sound is very pleasant, smooth and warm and offers a wide scale of sound spectrum.  

The touch is very responsive and controllable, such as one would expect from a concert piano.

The high quality pedal assembly is undeniable, especially the “Una Corda”

Of all tested instruments it is the one with the richest sound from the extremely fine pianissimo to the full and powerful fortissimo.

The finish is excellent with a wide music desk and beautiful insides.

  Without a doubt a good investment that will appeal to anyone, from the beginner to the professional musician.


A Sound that Connects

In 2010, the companies FEURICH and Wendl & Lung of Vienna, decide to enter into a close co-operation to cope with the demands of the future.

Tradition & Innovation is the motto for the cooperation of both companies with the aim of offering an excellent range of pianos from the beginner’s instrument to the concert grand.



GründerIn 1851 in Leipzig Julius Gustav Feurichfounded the piano manufacturing company FEURICH at the cost of 1 gold mark.

Even the father and grandfather of the founder had learned to build pianos and harpsichords. The tradition of the family thus derives from the 18th century.

Julius Gustav Feurich was the first piano manufacturer in Germany to build the upright piano with an under-damper action, years ahead of its rivals.


The second plant in Leipzig - Leutzsch was founded in 1911. Here 360 people made 1,000 upright pianos a year and 600 grand pianos, which were sold throughout the world

. At that time, besides Europe, Feurich established a particularly strong market in Australia, Chile and Brazil. FEURICH at that time was a member of the so-called Group of Five.

The five leading manufacturers in Germany joined forces to provide only selected pianists with concert grand pianos worldwide.

FEURICH had at that time 60 company-owned large concert grand pianos on stages throughout the world.

Only after the Second World War did this influential era end, as hardly any German manufacturer could produce a concert grand piano during those hard times.


Following the forced expropriation of company assets, by the GDR, there was only one option - exodus to West Germany.

In Mittelfranken a new home and a future for the company was found. A very successful period began.

In a production cooperation in the manufacture Euterpe in Langlau, Mittelfranken the FEURICH production expanded even more.

By the end of the 1970s, the factory employed up to 276 employees with an annual production of about 2000 upright pianos and 300 grand pianos.


The company Euterpe and for this reason a part of FEURICH was sold up to Bechstein.

1993 these shares were bought back.

1994 the new FEURICH production started in the company Rönisch and Fritz Steinbauer.

1999 the complete FEURICH production is been moved into the new structure in Gunzenhausen.

The highly qualified staff  has always guaranteed the consistent quality of FEURICH products.

The typical distinct FEURICH sound character remains the same today as it was in the past.

The FEURICH pianos are considered one of the world's top ten category A piano brands.


Wendl & Lung, Klavierbau u. Vertriebs GmbH starts the production with its partner factory HAILUN PIANO CO. LTD. in Ningbo, China under the brand name Wendl & Lung.

HAILUN PIANO is considered the most modern piano factory in China, with its CNC high-precision machinery, and is a producer and supplier of piano parts for many world wide famous piano manufacturers.

With the establishment of a well-organized Feurich dedicated production system, a strict end-control and the selection of high quality raw materials and piano components,

it is possible, in continuous improvement, to produce robust, durable instruments suitable for all climatic conditions.

diapasonIn August 2003 the upright piano model 122 – "Universal" was launched, receiving the 2007 "Diapason d'or" award in Paris.

Particular attention is also paid to the production of grand pianos which were also awarded many prizes.

Instruments that have a tonal and production quality usually only found in much more expensive pianos are created.

Therefore within a very short time in Europe and many other countries around the globe , Wendl & Lung was represented in more then 300 piano shops.



In April 2010, the Wendl & Lung Klavierbau u. Vertriebs GmbH established a completely new technical management department.

It implemented many improvements to the already existing models, to meet the quality standards of the FEURICH brand and to strengthen the already excellent value for money.


Mod. 218 - Concert I

Pianos and grand pianos have their origins in Europeand therefore the company in Vienna is greatly concerned to strengthen this piano heritage.

The combination of traditional handcraft manufacture is complemented by the model lines of Ningbo, which are produced in one of the most advanced piano factories in the world, under the control of highly acknowledged experts.

Additional synergies are achieved and through the continuous development of the instruments from Ningbo the FEURICH models offer outstanding value for money.


The first joint appearance of all FEURICH piano models, at the Frankfurt Music Fair April 6th – April 9th, 2011


Klavier Galerie_Kaisersaal

The headquarters and the team in Vienna are expanded, with the "Klavier Galerie" as a popular centre for music.

Here all technical developments in the pianos are tested and implemented before being instroduced into the FEURICH production.


The worldwide trademark rights of FEURICH as well as the company FEURICH Klavier-u. Fluegelfabrikation GmbH are owned by the Viennese company.

Based on the original FEURICH constructions, Friedrich Steinbauer and Jan Enzenauer developed in 2012 new FEURICH uprights and grands.

 The new piano range combines all the best features of the traditional FEURICH production processes with modern piano-building expertise, creating a series of prestigious instruments that point towards the future.



First Price: Diapason d'or; for our

Upright Mod. 122 - Universal

 In order to achieve a neutral test result,

 9 brand-name pianos between €3.600,- (AU$5,500.-) and €7.300,- (AU$11,200.-) were tested blind folded.


 The pianos shown here were in the competition:

 Kemble 109


 Young Chang Y114

 Kemble 113

 Kawai KX-21

 Weber W121

 W.Hoffmann V120

 Petrof P 118M1

  FEURICH 122 received the highest possible award, and the Diapason D’or! 




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