Feurich 125 Design

Brand: Feurich
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size: 151.50 W × 125.00 H × 60.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Years
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Technical Specifications


  • Special Bavarian solid spruce soundboard, seasoned and  united to a precisely constructed back-frame; affirms long-lasting construction, with a rich tonal spectrum.
  • Climate-resistant laminated pin-block provides excellent and long-lasting tuning stability, very desirable for our climate.
  • CNC produced cast-iron plate with V-bard in the base section produces the best possible purity of sound, thus creating perfectly balanced string tension.
  • Duplex scaling, such as normally only seen in expensive grand pianos, see picture!
  • Paulello stainless steel wire creates richer tone with greater strings longevity.
  • Traditional pedal system with wooden levers, easy to handle pedaling, which in turn requires minimal technical maintenance.
  • Uniquely produced FEURICH Celeste pedal enables quiet practice times.
  • The soft fall system for the keyboard cover, and the black keys made of real wood; accentuate the extraordinary quality of this instrument.


  • This model is a bigger and more exclusive version of the succesfull top seller Mod.122- "Universal". 
  • Several components ,both internally and externally, are even more exhaustively finished, to satisfy our most fastidious and discerning clients.
  • Extraordinary cabinet design.
  • Exclusive highest grade materials.
  • Exquisite hand made production.
  • Genuine Duplex scaling , gives the treble section beautiful enhanced clarity.

All the existing adnatages of the Mod.122 " Universal" are implemented in the Mod.125-"Design"

Width:   151cm

Height:  125cm

Depth:    60cm

Weight : 240kg

20 Year Warranty





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