FEURICH Mod. F162 - Dynamic II in ebony polished Brass

Brand: Feurich
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size: 150.00 W × 102.00 H × 162.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Years Warranty

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The Mod. 162 – Dynamic II is one of the few examples available today of a small and solidly built grand piano that can deliver a quality and complete bass tonal range.The introduction of stainless Paulello string wire is an innovation that also improves the tone and longevity of the piano.  An instrument of exceptional dynamic range and clarity for its size, the 162 – Dynamic II is perfect for the accompanist or repetiteur, and is also perfectly suited to small homes or apartments.

  • only 162cm in length––perfect for small spaces
  • large bass for a small grand
  • clean and pure tone throughout the entire range
  • climate-resistant multi-laminated pinblock
  • rust-free Paulello string wire
  • new FEURICH piano action for fast and precise touch
  • integrated anti-glare LED Lamp

As with all the FEURICH grands, the 162 – Dynamic II is available with the innovative new fourth pedal––the Harmonic Pedal, offering an increased spectrum of expressive sound-colours to the modern acoustic piano.

The 162 – Dynamic I also comes in various colours and can easily be fitted with the optional FEURICH silencer system.

Manufacture Website Feurich 162 Dynamic 1

A popular choice in music Schools and conservatories around the world - equally loved by piano technicians and pianists alike. • The best new FEURICH action, special yellow FEURICH felt from England. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber: fast and precise touch • Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNCmilled iron plate to provide excellent and long-lasting tuning stabilty • Rust-free string wire by Paulello: an innovation in improved clarity and quality of tone • Extended construction size: wonderful, long-lasting tone, with a full and pure bass sound • Traditional FEURICH design: the specially-designed music rest allows optimum transmission of sound • Innovative FEURICH Design: integrated, anti-glare LED lighting on the music rest • Large grand piano wheels as standard; a soft-fall system on the piano lid, as well as genuine wooden black key tops.  

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