Kawai GL10 153cm Grand Piano

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The new GL grand piano of Kawai 
The GL Series Grand Pianos possess all the essential qualities that have made Kawai pianos a preferred choice of pianists and educators for generations. They were conceived with one goal in mind—to provide exceptional touch and tone that endures.

For over 85 years, Kawai has been the architect of the modern piano, boldly pioneering the use of state-of-the art materials and ideas to advance the piano art form. Building upon nine decades of experience and tradition, our celebrated technology delivers extraordinary touch and tone that is respected worldwide for its remarkable stability. That is the Kawai difference that you will hear and feel for years to come.

The Millennium III action
The Millennium III Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material created by the infusion of carbon fiber into our renowned ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allows the creation of action parts that are lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.

Longer keys
Longer keys make playing easier and provide a more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface. A taller profile and concert-length key buttons make them more rigid to provide exceptional energy transfer and optimum power.

Rigid foundation of key stroke
The hammer rail is the “spine” of the piano’s action. GL series hammer rails are made of durable extruded aluminum with our exclusive Dual-Beam design for strength and stability. Both the hammer rail and the wippen rail are permanently locked in place to preserve the exacting tolerances of the action design and ensure consistent touch over the life of the piano. The entire surface of the hammer rail is finely serrated to hold each hammer flange securely in place for optimum hammer alignment, while the hammer flanges secured to the surface are made by ABS-Carbon that enables the action screws to remain tight without shrinking and swelling. All these meticulous design features comprise the GL Series' rigid foundation, ensuring a precise key stroke over time.

The use of ABS-Carbon makes the action parts tremendously strong and consistent. ABS-Carbon is many times stronger than wood and is virtually impervious to shrinking and swelling due to humidity. This extraordinary combination of strength and stability allows ABS-Carbon action parts to transfer energy to the hammers with unparalleled efficiency, power, precision and nuance for a superb playing experience.

Kawai grand pianos are renowned for their expressive tone and expansive dynamic range that allow pianists to communicate with ease and passion.

Agraffes insure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity of tone and consistent "speaking length" for each note.

The power of pianissimo 
One of the most coveted attributes of a fine piano is dynamic range— the ability to play not only thundering fortissimos, but also the most delicate and sensitive pianissimos. The technological superiority of the Millennium III Action is most evident in its extraordinary ability to produce the perfect pianissimo. It is ironic that GL series technology speaks loudest when it whispers.

Tapered soundboard made of solid spruce 
The soundboard is the heart of a piano. Its purpose is to transform the vibrations of the piano’s strings into a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straightgrained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for GL series soundboards. Each one is strategically tapered to provide the proper degree of resonant movement in each region. Only soundboards that meet or exceed our demanding resonance standards are selected for use in the GL series grand pianos.

Hardwood bridge 
Bridges transfer the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. GL Series bridges are made of solid maple or beech and are carefully set and matched to the iron plate for correct string pressure and optimal tonal transfer.

Strength allows a piano to perform with integrity and authority over time. GL Series pianos are built with remarkable strength to thrive amid the rigors of long-term use.

SOLID (Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design) 
SOLID construction creates an exceptionally rigid foundation to support string tension. First, the pinblock is fitted to the plate. Then, the pinblock and over-lapping stretcher bar are integrated into a single structure and solidly anchored to the rim. The extraordinary thickness of the stretcher bar exemplifies the structural integrity of this sturdy framework designed to ensure stable tuning and powerful tone.

V-pro plate 
The plate is the acoustically-neutral iron superstructure of the piano over which the strings are tensioned. All GL Series plates are molded using the Vacuum Mold Process (V-Pro) with “Crossbone Design.” The result is a plate that is strong, stable and beautiful.

Pinblocks and Tuning pins 
The Multi-Grip pinblock on all GL series grand pianos is fully laminated with a minimum of eleven cross-banded layers of North American hard maple for maximum strength and balanced torque. Tuning pins are made from the finest carbon steel, machinethreaded for maximum continuous torque and nickel plated to enhance beauty and provide long-term protection.

Steel-reinforced, anti-warp keyslip 
A piano’s keyslip is the long, horizontal piece of wood that covers the front faces of the keys. Because it is made of wood, a keyslip can warp or bend with changes in humidity, causing keys to stick. To avoid this problem, the GL series keyslip is reinforced with a heavy-gauge steel liner that prevents warping or bending in any direction. Keys move freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing or sticking against the inside of the keyslip.

Steel-reinforced keybed 
The piano’s key bed must be strong and stable to support the weight of the entire action assembly over time. The GL series keybed is made of extremely sturdy, laminated hardwoods and is reinforced with a steel support beam that add strength and increase rigidity in the keybed to prevent energy loss.

"Soft Fall" Fallboard
Our ultra-slow, "Soft Fall" fallboard closing system with dual-damping mechanism protects hands and the piano's finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

 Warranty: 12 Years Kawai full manufacturer's Warranty.

MMR Magazine ‘Dealer’s Choice’ product awards for GL Series & CA/CS Series


Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine has announced the results of its 2016 ‘Dealer’s Choice Awards’, naming the GL Series grand pianos and CA/CS Series digital pianos as ‘Product of the Year’ and ‘Home Digital Keyboard of the Year’ respectively.

Each year the magazine surveys musical instrument retailers across North America, inviting dealers to vote for their favourite products in a range of categories.  Winners in each category receive the celebrated ‘Dealer’ Choice Award’ from MMR, along with the satisfaction of being honoured as one of the musical instrument industry’s finest brands and products.

Commenting on the awards, Brian Chung, senior vice president of Kawai America Corporation remarked: “We’re overwhelmed.  When we think about the thousands and thousands of instruments and musical products offered across our industry, and then realise that Kawai GL Series grand pianos were chosen ‘Number One’ amid this sea of products, it’s beyond amazing. And then, to win the Digital Home Keyboard of the Year award for our CA and CS Series digitals was just incredible. We’re honoured, and very grateful.”

The GL Series of grand pianos was introduced in the autumn of 2015 with the goal of providing outstanding musicality and value to piano customers.  All five instruments in the series feature Kawai’s patented Millennium III carbon fibre action with extended keys, a tapered solid spruce soundboard, and the unique SOLID body construction.  “Our vision for the GL Series was to offer a better musical instrument at every price level,” said Chung. “When you examine carefully the feature set of our 5-foot GL-10 grand, you’ll see there isn’t another instrument in its class that can compare.”

The CA and CS series of digital pianos were introduced in early 2015 and 2016 respectively, with the latter ‘Classic Series’ models incorporating Kawai’s finest Grand Feel II wooden-key keyboard action and Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and SK-5 grand piano sounds within luxurious ebony polished cabinets.  The flagship CS11 instrument adopts the traditional design of a Kawai K Series upright piano, and features a real wooden soundboard that produces a more natural, organic tone.  “With each new generation, our digitals keep getting better and better,” commented Tom Love, Kawai America’s Senior Director for Electronics. “Our CA and CS digital models have many acoustic-like features that are the direct result of Kawai’s nine decades of experience in building acoustic pianos.”

The ‘Dealer’s Choice Awards’ were established in 1992, and have gained a reputation as one of the musical instrument industries foremost accolades.  During this time, Kawai’s RX Series grand and K-3 upright pianos have proved a dominant force, winning their respective categories for several consecutive years, while the CA Series digital line has also received multiple awards.  This year’s success increases Kawai’s tally of MMR trophies to a total of 18, and reflects the company’s long-standing popularity among retailers and customers.


History of received MMR Magazine ‘Dealer’s Choice’ awards

2016: MMR Product of the Year (GL Series Grand Pianos)
2016: MMR MMR Home Digital Keyboard Line of the Year (CA/CS Series Digital Piano)
2015: MMR Legacy Award (CA95 Hybrid Piano)
2014: MMR Home Digital Keyboard Line of the Year (CN Series Digital Pianos)
2014: MMR Pro Digital Piano Line of the Year (MP Series Pro Digital Pianos)
2013: MMR Home Digital Keyboard of the Year (CA95 Hybrid Piano)
2012: MMR Home Digital Keyboard of the Year (CA95 Hybrid Piano)
2011: MMR Acoustic Piano of the Year (K-3 Professional Upright Piano)
2010: MMR Acoustic Piano of the Year (K-3 Professional Upright Piano)
2009: MMR Acoustic Piano of the Year (K-3 Professional Upright Piano)
2008: MMR Acoustic Piano of the Year (K-3 Professional Upright Piano)
2007: MMR Digital Home Keyboard of the Year (CA91 Hybrid Piano)
2005: MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year (RX Series Grand Pianos)
2004: MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year (RX Series Grand Pianos)
2003: MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year (RX Series Grand Pianos)
2002: MMR Digital Home Keyboard of the Year (CN270 Digital Piano)
2001: MMR Digital Home Keyboard of the Year (ES1 Portable Digital Piano)
2000: MMR Digital Home Keyboard of the Year (CP200 Ensemble Grand Piano)


About MMR Magazine

Musical Merchandise Review is the leading trade publication in the field of musical instruments and sound reinforcement, and has been in continuous operation since 1879 with an international readership.


About Kawai

Kawai is a global corporation with distribution in virtually every major market in the world.   From its beginnings in 1927 in Hamamatsu, Japan, the company has been committed to an ongoing quest to perfect the art of the piano.  Since 1998, Kawai has received 45 major international awards for product and service excellence.  One of the world’s largest music instrument manufacturers, Kawai celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2017 and is one of the few piano companies in the world still led by members of its founding family.

Since being named official piano of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in 1985, Kawai has been the choice of numerous top-place finishers at events worldwide.

  • The 10th International Tchaikovsky Competition - Top Two Piano Prize Winners selected Kawai
  • The 5th Dublin International Piano Competition - First Prize Winner selected Kawa
  • The 2nd Dublin International Piano Competition - All Six Prize Winners selected Kawai
  • The 8th Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia - First Prize Winner selected Kawai
  • The 2nd Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition - First and Third Prize Winners selected Kawai
  • The 2nd Hamamatsu International Piano Competition - First Prize Winner selected Kawai
  • The 23rd William Kapell International Piano Competition - First, Second and Third Prize Winners selected Kawai
  • The 9th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition - First Prize Winner selected Kawai
  • The 45th Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition - First Prize Winner selected Kawai
  • The 42th Munich ARD International Music Competition - First Prize Winner selected Kawai



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