Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

Brand: Kawai
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size: 157.00 W × 102.00 H × 229.00 L
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Warranty: 12 Years

At the lofty pinnacle of the GX Series, the regal GX-7 speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definite choice of the consummate professional.

Kawai is pleased to introduce the new GX Black Series grand pianos.Kawai new RXH Black Series grand pianos take the refinement of the original RX Series to new heights. Classic elegance and more than eighty years of prestige piano craftsmanship come together with cutting edge technological innovation in one of the world's finest musical instruments.

The RXH Black Series features the revolutionary Millennium III Action. The intelligent application of ABS-Carbon (made with carbon fibre) helped to make the Millennium Action III Action up to 25% faster than traditional wooden piano actions and virtually impervious to climate changes that can cause shrinking, swelling and inconsistency among the wooden parts in other action. Kawai Premium Black Hammers produce a vivid clarity, warmth and dynamic range that is unsurpassed. Hammer shanks are reinforced with Phenolic stablisers to maintain proper hammer alignment and deliver a precise strike that maximises power and tone.

In one word: The Kawai GX grand piano range "speaks for itself" SUPERIOR!

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