Kawai K300J piano

Brand: Kawai
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size: 149.00 W × 122.00 H × 61.00 L
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Warranty: 12 Years Kawai Warranty


  • Kawai being 122 cm in height is the piano for the discerning pianist an or student, with it's magic touch. Made in Japan

 Kawai's exclusive, patented Millennium III Upright Action, featuring ABS-Carbon technology with carbon fibre

  • Popular 122cm height for home or studio
  • Double felted mahogany core hammers
  • Height adjustable bench
  • Kawai 12 year manufacturer's warranty

The Kawai K300J piano is a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship, embodying the meticulous attention to detail, precision engineering, and artistic refinement for which Kawai is renowned. From its elegant design to its exceptional sound and touch, every aspect of the K300J exudes quality and excellence.

At the heart of the K300J lies its rich, resonant tone, characterized by a warm, balanced sound that captivates players and listeners alike. Whether playing delicate passages or powerful fortissimos, the K300J responds with clarity, depth, and expressiveness, allowing musicians to fully unleash their creativity and musicality.

The touch of the K300J is equally impressive, with a responsive keyboard action that provides a natural and nuanced playing experience. Each key is carefully weighted and balanced to replicate the feel of a traditional acoustic piano, ensuring that every note is articulated with precision and control.

In addition to its exceptional sound and touch, the K300J boasts a timeless design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Its sleek lines, elegant curves, and polished finish make it a stunning focal point in any room, whether it's a concert hall, studio, or home setting.

Furthermore, the K300J is equipped with innovative features that enhance its versatility and functionality. From advanced sound processing technology to integrated recording and playback capabilities, the K300J empowers musicians to explore new musical possibilities and elevate their performances to new heights.

In summary, the Kawai K300J piano is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of Japanese piano making. With its exquisite sound, responsive touch, and timeless design, the K300J inspires musicians of all levels to create, perform, and enjoy the beauty of music.


  • After more R & D the Kawai K300J piano replaces the former K3 with better results,  Made in Japan
Antonios Anadranistakis
Thank you for the quick and safe delivery of my piano!



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