Steinmeyer Piaget TS300 Piano

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size: 153.00 W × 123.00 H × 60.00 L
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Warranty: 10 year Warranty

Steinmeyer Piaget TS300 Upright Piano

Discover the remarkable Steinmeyer upright piano, a beautiful instrument crafted with a combination of exclusive German and Japanese materials. Established in 1918 in Leipzig, Germany, Steinmeyer's longstanding tradition of quality is evident in this stunning piano.

Superior Performance and Quality Materials

The Steinmeyer upright piano boasts numerous features that contribute to an outstanding playing experience. With a very responsive piano action, all German A Class FFW/Abel felt, and a solid spruce keyboard, you can expect top-notch performance from this 88-note keyboard.

Premium Components for Enhanced Sound

The tonewood soundboard is made by Strunz in Germany, while the Roslau Blue Label strings, also from Germany, provide exceptional clarity and resonance. The combination of these premium components results in a beautiful sound.

Key Specifications

The Steinmeyer upright piano measures 123cm in height, 153cm in width, and 60cm in depth, making it a versatile addition to any space.

Added Value and Peace of Mind

This Steinmeyer piano comes with a 10-year warranty, a piano bench, and one free tuning, offering added value and peace of mind for your investment.

In summary, the Steinmeyer upright piano is a superb instrument that showcases exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials. With its impressive sound, responsive touch, and attractive design, this piano is an excellent choice for musicians seeking a reliable and inspiring instrument.

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