Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano

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size: 148.00 W × 98.00 H × 211.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Year Warranty


Balanced. Versatile. The perfect combination of size and performance.

The Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano, currently dubbed a ‘music room grand’ by Steinway & Sons, measures 6’11” in length. The Steinway Model B is often called “the perfect piano” and for good reason. It is considered a near-perfect blend of size, power, and overall versatility making this instrument a solid choice for anywhere from an intimate setting, a teaching studio, or a huge concert venue. Larger than a Model S, M, L, or A, Model B grand pianos command a powerful presence. Introduced in 1878, these pianos have been in constant production at both the New York and Hamburg Steinway Factories.

William Steinway in a letter to dealers noted the new Model B’s "improved interior construction.” Time has proven him correct. Featuring a deep, robust bass section and a clear, bell-like overall tone, these pianos are sure to be the musical centrepiece of any room they are placed within.

This classic Steinway Model B is certainly no exception and proves to be a fine example of its original German hand made craftsmanship. Originally made in Hamburg Germany 1925, it has been well cared for throughout its existence, and has since been fully restored to factory specification and A1 condition in 2022.

To further underwrite the fundamental quality of this superior instrument, a 10 year warranty is included, plus a matching bench. After sales service by a qualified Steinway piano tuner is available. 

A consistent favourite of professional pianists, Steinway Model B Grand Pianos are commonly chosen for home use, due to their clear and beautiful tone and responsive touch. We understand the nuances and exacting precision needed to ensure a piano that is truly tailor-made for your tastes and playing preferences. 


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