Feurich 123 Vienna Model

Brand: Feurich
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size: 150.00 W × 123.00 H × 62.00 L
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The FEURICH 123 – Vienna


Made In Vienna, Austria 
The 123 Vienna instrument is made and hand-finished in Feurich’s Austrian piano factory under the supervision of Friedrich Steinbauer and Jan Enzenauer - esteemed piano makers known for their craft and attention to detail. Traditional Feurich production processes have been combined with modern piano-building expertise to create this new prestigious range of European manufactured Feurich pianos.

The FEURICH Model 123 Vienna is a brand new piano, with a innovative approach to piano design – including the new © FEURICH High-Speed KAMM action.

The new FEURICH Vienna Model – 123 boasts an incredible new  Action, which enables a speed of repetition, and touch sensitivity; which has to be seen to be believed. The action is based on a brand new FEURICH patent, made by Renner in Germany, which is set to revolutionise the world of upright piano actions.

In upright pianos, the white and black keys are of different lengths and weights. The balanced action design on this piano even takes into consideration the different leverages required for the black and white keys, and this means that the player experiences a totally balanced keyboard in terms of touch sensitivity and repetition.

Action & Keyboard

  • – © FEURICH High-Speed KAMM Action, made by RENNER in Germany.
  • - Completely new action design with super-fast repetition, similar to grand pianos
  • – no key leads used whatsoever.
  • –  balanced key design, with less key weight means very low inertia
  • – compensation for the different leverage required due to the difference in length between the black and white keys
  • – more angle on the hammer shanks to maximise the effect of gravity in returning the hammer to its resting position
  • – custom-designed RENNER hammer heads using Weickert felts
  • – special durable yellow and orange Action & Keyboard Felts made by Hainsworth in England
  • - fully made in Vienna, Austria
  • © LED Lamp for the Music Rest (Made in Europe)

    • – anti glare
    • – integrated into the top panel

    Opening on the Front Panel for better Acoustic Transmission

    •  – can be easily lowered to allow direct sound transmission from the soundboard

Precise touch with a wide dynamic range and incredible speed of repetition

Available in RAL K1 Classic Colours, from Germany, by special order.



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