3 Ways Bluetooth Can Enrich Your Piano Playing Experience 

3 Ways Bluetooth Can Enrich Your Piano Playing Experience 

piano with bluetooth connection

As you know, Bluetooth technology is everywhere these days. You’ve used it for hands-free calls, or with your wireless keyboard. However, Bluetooth’s applications in a piano are far more diverse, and can enhance your experience of playing the piano significantly.

  • Audio Streaming
  • Digital sheet Music & Apps
  • Roland Piano Designer

Contributed by Rudi Zarka for Roland Corporation Australia

Audio Streaming

Turn your piano into the seat of inspiration with immersive Bluetooth audio

Sometimes you want a bit of inspiration before you sit down for a playing session at your piano.

Picture this, you select your favourite performance on YouTube, or a recording on Spotify or Apple Music. You then sit at one of our superb LX700 Series pianos and listen to the streamed performance come through the powerful muti-channel acoustic projection speaker system. All the nuances and expression are brought to life and sound fills the room, perhaps for a moment you imagined it was you playing!

Take a step forward and it could be you. Not only can you enjoy performances for inspiration and enjoyment but listening to material you are learning and having it right there in front of you can also be a great help. You may even watch a masterclass for instance and put learnings into practise as you watch.