A Great brand - that will always be German. The future is assured

Bechstein upright and grand pianos are second to none in the premium class. Compare them and see!

The power of enthusiasm and the willingness of every employee to give his best has led to success: Bechstein of Berlin, in German ownership once more since 1986, has again become Europe's outstanding manufacturer of top flight pianos. That's not all: the new major shareholder Stefan Freymuth, a Berlin based entrepreneur, is committed to securing and developing German production facilities.

In the recent past, Bechstein has rejected lucrative takeover offers from Asian groups, because it was clear that the company can only retain its status as a manufacturer of top flight pianos by remaining true to its European roots. According to Bechstein " Nationalism has nothing to do with it." The company is proud of its multi-ethnic staff. The Bechstein philosophy is about preservation of a valuable heritage with deep cultural roots. This heritage lives in every single staff member's passionate commitment to producing musical instruments that incorporate the virtues of historic German piano-making - instruments that have never been mass-produced, and never will be.

But what about Bechstein's two competitors in the top flight segment, who are now controlled by manufacturers from Japan and Korea? What will become of their former "handmade voice" in the context of industrial groups with mass production facilities? Time will tell.