Casio Expands Celviano Grand Hybrid Line , with C.Bechstein involvement.

Casio Expands Celviano Grand Hybrid Line
Casio's new GP-400BK has joined the Celviano Grand Hybrid lineup, which combines the advantages of both digital and acoustic pianos while delivering the performance of a grand piano. As with the previously released GP-500BP and GP-300BK models, the new GP-400BK is equipped with the company's AiR Grand Sound Source and Grand Hammer Action keyboard. The keyboard features full-length wooden grand piano keys that are made with the same materials and processes as keys on C. Bechstein grand pianos, and the action features as the same essential weighting and pivot points, providing a faithful, uncompromising feel. The series also features piano tones jointly developed with C. Bechstein. The AiR Grand Sound Source reproduces the same sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano. Moreover, the String Resonance System, designed to deliver the string resonance of a grand piano, controls the amount and combination of resonance according to the playing situation. By producing reverberation that fits each of the 88 keys, the technology enables natural and comfortable performance. Moreover, Damper Resonance, Lid Simulation, and Key Release Simulation further the experience. The new GP-400BK which boasts a curved rear panel and thicker side panels and legs. The height from the keyboard to the music stand has also been made the same as a conventional grand piano for an experience even more like that of playing a grand piano. MSRP $6,499.-