World Premier: The C.Bechstein Salon Grand, in Birds Eye Maple

Now, at just the right time, C. Bechstein presents its latest masterpiece in the special edition line of high-quality grand pianos, a veritable symphony of living gold: the C. Bechstein salon grand in bird’s eye maple.

The sumptuous C. Bechstein sound, with its inimitable emotional energy, is brought to life here in a wonderful work of art. This unique instrument, a dream grand piano in golden bird’s eye maple adorned with authentic gold leaf, is a complete synthesis of the most extraordinary combination of the very finest materials, and it took two years to manufacture with meticulous craftsmanship and expertise.

The C. Bechstein bird’s eye maple grand is a sensation. From the very first moment you see it, you will be under its spell. It is an incomparable new interpretation of warmth and value, a wonderful combination of tradition and innovation. The cast iron frame has been deliberately manufactured in the traditional shape, and, like the music desk, the little lid prop and the gold bars that surround the piano, it has been completely gilded with gold leaf by masters of the art.

Allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of the C. Bechstein bird’s eye maple grand whose beauty is well matched by its sumptuous sound. Under its fine skin, there beats the heart of an authentic C. Bechstein Model B 212 – a masterful model of the masterpiece line with a refined, transparent and colourful tone and a delicate touch.