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Kohler & Campbell

  • Kohler & Campbell KC121

    Kohler & Campbell KC121FD Piano

    The perfect professional upright piano. This piano has German felted hammers, and Roslau German strings. The non overwhelming size makes it possible to easily incorporate the piano into the...

  • Kohler & Campbell KC121FD Upright Piano

    The perfect family piano for those looking for an instrument to take center stage without costing the earth. Made to perfection, Kc121FD ,incorporating German Scaling, and German strings, in order...

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    Kohler & Campbell KC121MD

    A special order Kohler & Campbell Walnut polished upright piano and complete matching piano stool Not only looks good, but also plays very well, with a great responsive touch, and German...

    $7,599.00 $6,999.00
  • Kohler & Campbell KC132-FD

    I have developed the new Kohler & Campbell Millennium Pianos to the best of my ability. Therefore, these pianos represent the latest performance piano technology.  Claus...

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    Kohler & Campbell KC145 , with curved leg and soft close

    Kohler & Campbell KC145

    Kohler & Campbell KC 145     Classic and stylish. This compact and classic piano is an excellent choice for both home and studio. Suitable for most piano students or those...

    $6,699.00 $5,899.00