Kawai CA48

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Product Overview

KAWAI CA48 Premiere Piano 

The Touch of a Grand Piano, the keyboard action of an acoustic grand piano is composed of black and white keys, graded hammers, and numerous other components working in harmony when each note is pressed. Th is beautifully designed mechanism allows gifted pianists to express a wealth of feeling and emotion in their music, as they respond to the tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard. Translating the piano action’s intricate movements to a digital instrument, while retaining these acoustic-like subtleties is a stunning achievement – one which has drawn upon over 90 years of experience in crafting the world's finest pianos.

The Concert Grand Experience In Your Own Home

Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for over 90 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing unique, original ideas. Th ese decades of experience aff ord our engineers a wealth of knowledge from which to create stunning digital instruments, in a quest to perfect the art of the piano. A digital piano that will transform enthusiastic players into accomplished pianists, and modest rooms into grand concert halls. Th is is the ambitious philosophy behind Concert Artist digital pianos – premium instruments that capture the essence of playing a magnifi cent concert grand piano, and inspire musicians to realise their true artistic potential. To achieve this ambition, every aspect of the latest Concert Artist series has been developed to ensure that these fi rst class instruments provide the most authentic playing experience of any digital piano. Th e Concert Artists’ Grand Feel keyboard actions reinforce Kawai’s reputation as an industry leader, utilising real wooden keys with luxurious Ivory & Ebony Touch surfaces, and incorporating premium features such as let-off simulation and triple-sensor hammer detection. Th ese class-leading keyboard actions are bolstered by powerful digital audio technologies that faithfully reproduce the exquisite sound of Kawai’s magnifi cent SK-EX concert grand piano. Th e latest Concert Artist series also incorporate a variety of useful features to assist learning the piano and recording one’s performance. Each instrument supports wireless Bluetooth® connectivity, with the fl agship models boasting amplifi cation components developed by premium audio specialists Onkyo. Yet despite the abundance of powerful technology on the inside, the Concert Artists still delivers a remarkably traditional piano playing experience. Th is is thanks to the instruments’ understated cheekblock control panels and handsome cabinet designs, with a selection of distinctive grand piano-like characteristics that celebrate Kawai’s rich, classical pedigree. And there is no fi ner way to demonstrate this harmonious marriage of groundbreaking modern technology and long-established traditional approaches than Kawai’s latest TwinDrive soundboard speaker system. Th is triumph of audio design channels the Concert Artist’s high fi delity digital sound onto a genuine spruce soundboard, producing a warm, unmistakably acoustic tone that is more naturally balanced than any other digital piano. Unrivalled grand touch, breathtaking acoustic tone, distinctive traditional design, and inspirational modern features. Concert Artist from Kawai – the concert grand piano experience in the comfort of your home.

CA48 Overview Featuring the brand new Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action, beautiful SKEX and EX concert grand piano sounds, and modern Bluetooth® connectivity, the pianofocussed CA48 offers many of the strengths of the premium Concert Artist models within a more compact and affordable package.

Class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action • Ivory Touch key surfaces, triple sensor, let-off, counterweights • Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound with 88-key sampling • Shigeru Kawai SK-EX & Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds • Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI wireless technology • Built-in classical etudes and Alfred lesson books • Spatial Headphone Sound for enhanced depth and realism • Attractive, compact cabinet with cheekblock control panel

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5 Years Kawai Warranty

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