Kawai CA901PE Premier Digital Piano Polished Ebony

Brand: Kawai
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size: 145.50 W × 101.00 H × 47.00 L
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Welcome to the KAWAI Concert Artist CA901 Digital Piano in Super Piano Polish 

Experience the captivating sound, sleek design, and expansive possibilities of the new top model in the KAWAI Concert Artist digital piano series.

Grand Feel III Keyboard

The CA901 features a Grand Feel III keyboard with real wooden keys, pressure point simulation, and Ebony & Ivory Touch surfaces for an exceptionally realistic playing experience. The key length is longer than any other digital piano keyboard, and each of the 88 black and white keys are made entirely of wood, offering an unparalleled playing experience.

SK-EX Rendering Sound Technology

The beautiful sound of the Kawai SK-EX grand piano is at the heart of the new CA901. It is now available in two variants: the SK-EX Concert Grand and the SK-EX Competition Grand, both meticulously sampled to reproduce every nuance of these exquisite instruments.

TwinDrive Soundboard System

The TwinDrive Soundboard System delivers a wide frequency spectrum directly through the soundboard, resulting in a natural resonance similar to that of an acoustic piano. The system features six speakers, 360-degree diffusers, and AURES transducers, creating a sound experience that fills the room with rich, natural sound.

Alternative Acoustic Piano Sounds and Additional Sounds

In addition to the new SK-EX rendering sound engine, the CA901 is equipped with Harmonic Imaging XL technology, offering alternative acoustic piano sounds and a large selection of additional sounds, such as e-pianos, drawbar or church organ, strings, and choir sounds, for a diverse playing experience.

Virtual Piano Artisan (VPA)

Customize the sound character of your selected acoustic piano, harpsichord, or electric piano with the integrated Virtual Piano Artisan function. Adjust string, damper, and cabinet resonances, or change the pitch and volume of individual tones, then save your customizations to a favorite memory location.

Touchscreen Operation and Bluetooth® Connectivity

The CA901 features a 5" touchscreen with an anti-glare surface for easy operation. Control the CA901 using the PianoRemote app for Android and iOS, or wirelessly connect to your smart device using Bluetooth® MIDI 5.0 technology. Use the Bluetooth® audio 5.1 interface to play music directly through the CA901's speaker system.

USB Functionality and MP3/WAV Recording and Playback

The CA901 is equipped with USB ports for exchanging MIDI data, saving data to a USB storage medium, and playing songs in MP3 or WAV format. Record your own performance in MP3 or WAV format and share it with friends or listen on your smartphone, PC, or CD.

Design and Ergonomics

The CA901 combines modern design with high-quality workmanship, featuring a slim side line and a slowly closing key flap for an elegant appearance. The position of the pedals is further back, allowing for improved player ergonomics.

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