Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano

Brand: Kawai
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The stage piano for pianists


MP11SE New Features & Enhancements (Compared to MP11)

  • New: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and SK-5 wing sounds
  • New: GFP-3 3-speed pedal included (optical sensors for each pedal, developed and manufactured by Kawai)
  • New: Classic side arms in black high gloss design (similar to the VPC1)
  • Improved: Added 'Undamped String Resonance' Virtual Technician parameters
  • Improved: possibility to use different expression pedals (ring / tip)
  • Improved: Possibility to use controller inverse (eg for 'Morhping' between 2 sounds etc.)


The model MP11SE is equipped with the Grand Feel mechanism with wooden keys, which - thanks to the meanwhile 90 years of experience of Kawai in piano making - allows an exceptionally realistic playing feeling. All eighty-eight black and white buttons are made entirely of long pieces of wood and finished with the ivory-like IvoryTouch surface, which absorbs moisture and gives the player more safety and excellent control over the playing surface. Each key moves smoothly on a balance beam - the same technique as a grand piano. The key length of the new Grand Feel keyboard (from the front of the key to the balance bar) is longer than any other digital piano keyboard. When a key is touched, as with the original, a weighted hammer is moved upwards, while additional weights in the bass notes in the front of the keys facilitate the pianissimo play. In addition, the Grand Feel keyboard is equipped with 3-button sensors per button and a pressure point simulation, which ensures perfect control in Pianissimo game.

PIANO section: Impressive recordings of the concert grand piano Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5 and Kawai EX with Harmonic Imaging XL and 88-key sampling

The MP11SE reproduces the superb sound of the Kawai concert grand piano SK-EX, SK-5 and EX. All 88 keys of these three extraordinary grand piano models were elaborately recorded and analyzed. The unique characteristics of each individual note and the great dynamic range of the sounds allow the pianist to express his emotional play ... from soft pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. The integrated Virtual Technician function makes it very easy to change the sound character of these acoustic piano sounds. So you can adjust, for example, the intensity of the string and damper resonance or the sound of falling back hammers. Such a personal attitude can then be provided with a reverb effect, which gives the sound an additional spatial depth.

E.PIANO Section: Great Vintage EPs, Double Effects and Amp Simulator

The MP11SE offers a selection of brand new vintage electric piano sounds, all with their own characteristics. Experience their natural, organic sounds or refine them with popular effects before sending the sound into one of the 5 classic amps that the MP11SE simulates.

SUB section: High quality strings, pads, basses and more

The SUB section of the MP11SE offers high-quality strings, pads, basses and other useful sounds that are ideal for splits and zones, as a layer for pianos or E.Pianos or for individual playing. In addition, these sounds can be equipped with bell, air and voice layers, as well as flexible ADSR parameters and resonance / cut-off editing.

MIDI OUT Section: Four Zone Master Keyboard Controller

Of course, functions must not be missing from the MP11SE master keyboard. With the MIDI section you can control external MIDI devices or use the MP11SE as master in the studio. Use the freely assignable knobs to send MIDI controllers or the transport buttons of the recorder as an MMC remote for your DAW system. Simplest operation makes life easier in the studio. In addition, the MP11SE features a controllable LINE-IN to connect another keyboard, expander, audio player or computer line-out, eliminating the need for an additional mixer.

Intuitive operation, large LCD, real-time controller

The control panel of the MP11SE is clearly structured and clearly arranged. All functions are grouped and located where you suspect them. A large LCD display and four freely selectable controls allow you to change various parameters directly in real time, without having to switch to any menu - you can concentrate on playing and do not have to bother about complicated operation.

208 SETUP Memory: more than enough, even for the most sought-after pianist

All settings of the MP11SE such as sounds with all changes, controller positions, etc. can be saved as a SETUP and are then available at any time. 26 benches a 8 SETUPs facilitate the overview and are already partially pre-assigned with the most common application examples.

USB to Device functionality with MP3 / WAV / SMF recording and playback

The USB ports of the MP11SE not only allow the connection to a computer but also serve for direct loading or saving data to a USB memory. This allows you to secure your own sound or SETUP settings permanently and gives protection in many live situations. USB memory can also be used to play MP3, WAV or SMF files directly. The AB Loop feature also makes practicing certain parts of a song very easy. The USB memory can also be used for direct recording in MP3 or WAV format, whereby the LINE-IN is also recorded. So you can easily and quickly send audio data via email to your bandmates, listen to your MP3 player or copy to a computer for further processing and burn eg an AUDIO CD directly.

GFP-3 pedal: optical sensors for precise function

The MP11SE comes with the 3-speed pedal GFP-3. This pedal impresses with its precise function thanks to optical sensors on all three pedals. Stepless function and further controller assignments are possible.




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