Roland Piano Partner iPad App

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Product Overview

Piano Partner 


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Piano Partner is a unique iPad app that provides a fresh, interactive way to learn and play a piano. It contains three applications: Flash Card, Content Browser, and DigiScore Lite.

These applications inspire and help you learn more about music and playing the piano.

You can connect your iPad and piano wirelessly with Wireless USB Adapter (Roland WNA1100-RL or ONKYO UWF-1), or with USB cable via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

  • Make sure your Roland digital piano is updated with the most current system program. Some models may require a system update.
Flash Card – A fun way to develop your listening and reading skills

Flash Card is an interactive music game for developing your listening and reading skills. The player is challenged to play the note shown on the “virtual” flash card or heard aurally. In each session, the player is awarded after five challenges. Three levels of difficulty are available, so players of all skill levels can enjoy.

Content Browser – Easy access to a variety of onboard songs and tones

Content Browser lets you access the built-in songs, tones, and rhythms of the connected piano instantly by category names on the iPad’s display. You can also enjoy remote playback control of songs, including part mute or metronome on/off, from the iPad — very convenient for daily practicing or lessons.

DigiScore Lite – See the onboard songs displayed as digital notation

DigiScore Lite displays digital sheet music of the onboard songs on the iPad’s screen. Notation pages are turned automatically according to the playback tempo. You can practice each hand individually along with the song by muting left-hand or right-hand part, or with a slower tempo, while displaying the notation. DigiScore Lite assists your daily practicing with a wide variety of built-in songs, from piano etudes to piano masterpieces.

Connect your Roland Pianos with an iPad!

By inserting the WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter (sold separately) into the USB MEMORY port on your Roland piano, you can use Piano Partner applications on your iPad wirelessly. You can also connect your iPad to your piano using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit.



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