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Grand Pianos

Selecting a Grand Piano in Melbourne

Grand Pianos are a dream for music lovers that love to showcase their talent. If you are looking for a grand piano for sale then you have come to the right place. Austral Piano World has a huge showroom with a large number of grand pianos for sale in Melbourne. 

We have some of the biggest brands that include Kawai, Bechstein, Schumann, WM Knabe, Seiler, Kohler & Campbell, Feurich and W.Hoffmann.

Grand Pianos are usually the largest or the most expensive type of piano in the market. They have soundboards and frames that are horizontal. This soundboard is inside in a supportable opening platform that lifts in an upward direction towards the left hand side of the frame. There are dampers on the tops of the strings which are placed close to the hammers. 

The internal construction of the Grand Pianos for sale are braced with form-holders that are made of wood and equipped with metal reinforcements. Basically, the case is bottomless and allows for the soundboard to support the base which is reinforced by wood.

The keys of the Grand Piano are wood coated in ivory or sometimes, pure ivory based on the manufacturers and the type of classification. The Grand Piano has a standard 88 keys with a sheet music desk. Also, the cover slides over or folds down to cover the keys.

Baby Grand Piano in Melbourne

As the name would have it, a Baby Grand Piano is a smaller version of the regular grand piano. These pianos have 88 keys just like a regular Grand Piano but have a smaller soundboard that is not as loud as the regular grand.

Our Best Selling Baby Grand Pianos on offer:

The Bechstein A160 is one of the Baby Grand Pianos that we have on offer. This is ideal for families with a small apartment. This model Is not only known for its precise action but its rich and well-balanced voice rich in overtones. This is one baby grand piano that all music lovers would love to play. It was developed in C. Bechstein R&D department located in Seifhennerdorf, Saxony and made at the facility nearby from top-quality materials. When you hear this piano all your senses are at work and you will fall in love with the beautiful voice that it makes as it is amazing to play.

Whether you are looking for a Grand Piano or a Baby Grand Piano, you will know that you have come to the right place as we are sure that you will love our products and want to take them home with you.

Reach out to us for piano enquires and we will be there to ensure that your Grand Piano purchase is a memorable one. We’ll be all ears to ensure that we furnish your requirements and give you the attention that you deserve. We are sure that we have the right piano that fits your requirement. Call us today at 03 94972616.

  • Feurich 179 Dynamic II  Grand PIano in Black Polished - Brass Feurich 179 Dynamic II  Grand PIano in Black Polished - Brass

    Feurich 179 Dynamic II in ebony polish

    FEURICH 179 – DYNAMIC II   The model 179 is a powerful, well-balanced grand piano, with a characteristic warm and generous FEURICH tone. The piano has an extended soundboard surface area, which helps create that big sound and present bass...

  • SALE
    Kawai GL40 ( New) Made in Japan, in Satin Black Kawai GL40 (New) made in Japan, in Satin Black

    Kawai GL40 Satin Black Grand Piano

    The new GL grand piano series from KawaiThe GL grand piano series has all the important quality features that have made Kawai instruments a preferred choice of pianists and teachers for generations. Conceived and developed with the aim...

    MSRP: $29,999.00
    Was: $29,999.00
    Now: $27,395.00
  • Steinway & Sons Model L

    Steinway & Sons Model L

    A superb example of Steinway & Sons craftsmenship, this 1982 model is certainly one out of the box. Excellent touch , all original Steinway action, producing beautifull CD quality sound. A great size of 181 cm in lenght, would easily fit into most...

  • Feurich 179 Prodigy

    Feurich 179 Prodigy / Pianodisc

    A state of the art reproducing grand piano, fitted with the well known PianoDisc Prodigy sytem. Choose from over 1200 different tunes , direct from your fully programmed iPad. (Supplied included)  Click on the short video, and turn up your...

  • Light-Weight and
Space-Saving DesignAlthough the GP609 is light-weight (325 lbs 5oz/148 kg) and compact (59-1/8 inches/ 1,501 mm), its grand piano aesthetic is unmistakable. It’s nearly half the weight of an acoustic grand piano too, and much easier to install or move. CastersBuilt-in casters help you move the piano around and find the perfect position, and the space-saving footprint means you can play a grand piano even where there is limited space – whether at home or at a venue.

    Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano

    The Grand Piano That Fuses Tech with Tradition The GP609 is a grand piano without compromise. You can experience the performance of a traditional acoustic grand, whose sound has been at the heart of music for over 300 years. And you also get to explore...

  • Roland GP607 In White Gloss Finish

    Roland GP607 Grand Piano White

    The look and feel of a traditional mini grand piano, without the cost and hassle, A Roland GP607 There’s no doubt that a traditional grand piano makes a statement in a living room, but the maintenance and back-breaking weight can make owning one a...

  • Kawai GL40 Ebony Polish Salon Grand Piano

    Kawai GL40 Salon Grand Piano

    GL-40 SALON GRAND PIANO Designed in our most popular "classic grand" size, the 5'11" GL-40 is longer than many pianos in its class for greater bass resonance and enhanced tonal presence. Length: 5''11" (180cm)Width: 60" (152cm)Height: 40"...

  • Bechstein B190-Ebony Polished C.Bechstein A190-EP grand piano

    C.Bechstein A190-EP grand piano

    THE PREMIUM CLASS Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend! A parlor grand piano with a professional profile The C. Bechstein R&D department developed the premium Bechstein pianos taking into...

  • Roland GP607 includes adjustable concert bench Roland GP607

    Roland GP607EP Digital Baby Grand Piano

    ROLAND GP607 Baby Grand Piano One of the best and greatest products from Roland Pianos we have seen so far!  Surprising number of features on the Roland GP607, including the new PHA-50 ultra responsive keyboard Employing the very latest...

  • New Model KAWAI GL30  made in Japan Quality Interior of Kawai GL30 Grand Piano

    Kawai GL30 Grand Piano

        The KAWAI GL30 , with a generous size of 166 CM , made for the professionals! A fine example from the Kawai Piano Factory, fully made in Japan, with no compromise on superb quality. A nicely balanced tonal sound, rich smooth and...