W.Hoffmann Model V175

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Product Overview

A sensational market success!

W. Hoffmann Vision Flügel V 175: A great achievement of European technology. A great grand piano in seductive price-performance. With European sound, quality workmanship, good sound.

The Astonishingly Economical  Vision V 175 Grand Piano by C. Bechstein Europe: Bringing new models to the market means a high degree of responsibility to a world-renowned piano manufacturer for its global customers who want to buy a low-priced grand piano that will not disappoint them! The W. Hoffmann Vision Grand Piano V 175 is a real alternative to instruments with an Asian character. Also this wing by C. Bechstein Europe is manufactured in the Czech Republic sensationally equipped production with the know-how of German engineering by carefully trained specialists. That's what you hear and feel.


If you want to buy a cheap grand piano, pay attention to the sound first!

C. Bechstein, the parent company of C. Bechstein Europe, builds all brands and lines without exception with high quality standards and according to the unmistakable design principles - adapted to the respective segment. The Bechstein-typical holistic piano construction philosophy can be found at every price level. The selected components for the W.Hoffmann Vision Flügel V 175 are determined by our unique German research and development department. Even for the low-priced wings, the decisive elements are carefully selected. If you buy a W.Hoffmann Vision grand piano, sound and plaything will convince you: this grand piano is honest, solid, durable.

Warranty Information

10 Years Warranty

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