Lang Lang Performs On Schumann Piano

Lang Lang Performs On Schumann Piano

Philips Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands gave a symphony concert; Famous Music Home and Abroad on October 30, 31 in Nanjing Great Hall of the People. A Schumann grand piano, was invited as the appointed piano at the whole concert.

Philips Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands is a well-established international music Company boasting glorious history and enjoying high reputation. Since its establishment of over 100 years, The Company has been growing rapidly on Netherlands, this music land with sufficient cultural nutrition, enriching the world culture for more than a century. It assembles over 100 professional music intellects, owing its own concert hall, regular audience and the best recording Company in the world. The orchestra, having travelled almost every country in the Europe as well as northern and southern America, Asia and Australia, has participated in more than 100 merriments merely on invitation.

The most wonderful part at this concert Famous Music Home and Abroad is “Western Lang Lang” Lang Lang Playing Schumann Piano. He selected Sergey Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov’s Paganini Variation called as “devil music” in extreme difficulty, with a variety of music elements covered. However, Lang Lang played it with extreme perfection, which enables him to be highly praised as talent by many “professional” audients who is not familiar with him before. This best-known young pianist, Lang Lang, has been pursued and admired by global music lovers in recent years in Europe. He won the first prize in Italian International Piano Competition in 2003, the first prize in America Texas International Piano Competition in 2008 as well as the first prize in London International Piano Competition in 2009.

It should be said that the performance of Lang Lang, with extreme excellent coordination of Schumann Piano, makes the whole concert reach a climax. Schumann Piano, as export brand of our Company, aiming at the traditional medium and high grade market in Europe, has received new development in recent years in the Americas, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Each Schumann Piano, from design, material to crafting, inherits the European convention. The significant components such as internal string, felt, etc are imported from Germany. Each piano that is qualified to create ideal tone is tuned repeatedly before delivery, which is the reason why Philips Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands and Lang Lang choose Schumann Piano.