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  • Rodgers Inspire 233

    Rodgers Inspire 233 Organ

    CLASSICAL AND CHURCH ORGANS Whether you’re looking for a small digital home organ, replacing your church’s pipe organ, or making an organ selection for a landmark concert hall, Rodgers has the perfect instrument for your venue, budget and...

  • Rodgers Classic 569

    Rodgers Organs Classic 569

    CLASSIC SERIES   Authentic pipe organ sound, exceptional value. With Rodgers Classic Series, you can enjoy an affordable high-quality organ in your home, recording studio, or church. Rodgers Classic Series organs deliver a richly...

    $39,999.00 $35,000.00
  • Rogers Organ Inspire Series 227

    Rodgers Organs Inspire series 227

    27 YOUR DREAM STARTS RIGHTIN YOUR VERY OWN HOME... The inspire series 227 was designed and manufactured as a home organ: the compact console, made from oak and available in different colors, has the classic look to bring inspiration to any...

  • SALE
    Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord

    Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord

    A BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE: THE ENCHANTING HARPSICHORD AND THE WONDERS OF A DIGITAL INSTRUMENT From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. Enjoy the best of both worlds — a new-generation...

    $6,495.00 $5,999.00