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Piano Accessories

Come, see and hear our exiting PianoDisk IQ option, already fitted to a piano of your choice, installed by our own licenced Pianodisc installing engineer. Various options are available, play your favourite music on your piano, just by lifting you Ipad. Remotely contolled , without messy wires every where. PianoDisc music library is the largest of it's kind in the world. You are welcome to view some of our videos pertaining to PianoDisc system on this website. So we can supply you a piano or grand piano of your choice, with PianoDisc already fitted, or we can arrange installation on almost any other piano. Excellent headphones from Roland and Casio, keyboard stands and keyboard bags are also available.

  • IQ Intelligent Player System from PianoDisc IQ control from Ipod, Iphone or Ipad

    IQ Intelligent Player System

    PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s...

  • Roland KS-G8B keyboard stand

    KS-G8B keyboard Stand

    PORTABLE STAND FOR 88-NOTE KEYBOARDS Attractive and sturdy, the KS-G8B is a portable stand that provides a solid foundation for 88-note keyboards such as Roland’s FA-08 Music Workstation and RD-800 Digital Piano. Its open design and black...

  • PianoDisc Prodegy

    PianoDisc Prodegy

    What is Prodigy?   Prodigy is the culmination of everything PianoDisc strives for—the absolute best piano player, powered by cutting-edge technology, with a simple, streamlined experience just for you. All in an invisible...

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    Roland RH200 Monitor Headphones

    RH200 Monitor Headphones

    COMFORTABLE AND ACCURATE HEADPHONES FOR SUPERIOR MONITORING Roland’s RH-200 Headphones deliver the power, comfort and accuracy needed for a variety of personal monitoring needs. With 40mm drivers, neodymium magnets and CCAW (copper-clad aluminum...

    $209.00 $199.00
  • Roland BK7M Backing Module

    Roland BK-7m: Backing Module

    BK-7m: Backing Module, it's small in size, but Powerfull!! A Band in a Briefcase Features Add a world-class backing band to your show with the new BK-7m, a state-of-the-art module that packs an interactive band into a sleek, slim...

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    Roland KC-110-Keyboard Amplifier Roland KC-110-Keyboard Amplifier

    Roland KC-110-Stereo Keyboard Amplifier

    WORLD'S FIRST AA BATTERY-POWERED STEREO KEYBOARD AMP! With the new KC-110 stereo keyboard amplifier, Roland adds another great amp to its lineup as well as another “World’s First” title to its pedigree. The KC-110 is the first fully...

    $729.00 $689.00
  • Roland 4 Channel mixing amplifier KC150 Roland 4 Channel mixing amplifier KC150

    Roland Keyboard Amp KC-150

    Affordable 4-channel keyboard amplifier with 65-watt/12” speaker and piezo tweeter Includes stereo Auxiliary input (RCA) and XLR Microphone input 2-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1 Headphones output; can be mounted on...

  • Roland KS-10z keyboard stand Easy to adjust, heavy duty stand. Keyboard not included.

    Roland KS-10Z Keyboard stand

    HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE STAND FOR STAGE PIANOS AND OTHER KEYBOARDS The KS-10Z takes the classic “Z-stand” configuration and enhances it for increased usability. With its versatile adjustable design, this rugged stand is suitable for all types...