W.Hoffmann Vision V 120

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1853 to 2018 "Anniversary Model" in Mahogany

Product Overview

  • W.Hoffmann Vision 120, Made by C.Bechstein
  • Clarity of sound, momentous variation of expression in this hand built European Piano
  • In the home or the studio, W.Hoffmann V-120 will to what you want it to do.
  • Over 160 years experience in piano building, gives C.Bechstein the "edge" with this production

W.Hoffmann Vision 120

Pleasant size, classic design, traditionally engineered. You will like this piano for its harmony and dynamics of tone, its brilliance and pleasant touch. A piano which motivates to practice and to play.

Do you love a harmonic, balanced sound and an impeccable playing experience or, simply put, an instrument that you feel completely at home playing? If so, quality from Europe is just the thing for you, because Europe is the home of piano craftsmanship. Don't forget as well that in Europe they have a natural flair for this craft. C. Bechstein - this top German manufacturer now design upright and grand pianos to your exact standards:

W.Hoffmann, by C.Bechstein Europe


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10 Years

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