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Welcome To Austral Piano World: Up to 96 Pianos to choose from at any give time!

david.jpgA warm welcome awaits you from Hans, Jonathan and Christopher at our Ivanhoe showroom where you will find a large selection of pianos for sale, all available for you to come in and try.

“A piano not only has to look good in the home, but it also has to sound fabulous too. It is really important that the piano has to fit the player and their expectations,” says Hans Heshusius, owner of Austral Piano World, “the two grow together, so it is important to have a range of pianos to try to find the one best for you.”

We also ensure that we set up your piano properly so it will sound as good as it does in our showroom. With a vast selection to choose from, we are proud to offer all styles of Grand Pianos and Acoustic Upright Pianos that are new, pre-owned, vintage or rare, we also stock an impressive range of quality digital pianos and keyboards and can offer all our visitors different sizes, different prices.