Refurbished Grand Pianos

The allure of grand pianos is undeniable. The only problem is that even with the availability of flexible financing options, the cost of obtaining one still proves to be a massive obstacle for many people.
The good news is that this does not mean you have to settle for an inferior instrument. There’s a way for you to acquire a grand piano that is truly inspiring to play without breaking the bank.

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Refurbished pianos, an elegant solution for those seeking the rich tones and timeless beauty of a grand piano at a fraction of the cost, are old pianos that are carefully restored to their former glory.

A refurbished grand piano typically has brand-new parts like hammers, dampers and strings coupled with a fresh new finish. Unlike used ones, refurbished pianos generally feel brand new and, with proper care, should serve you well for a long, long time.

The many benefits of buying refurbished pianos

Below are some of the biggest reasons refurbished pianos are a great alternative to brand-new ones:

  • Exceptional valueRefurbished grand pianos represent an incredible value proposition. They offer the craftsmanship and quality associated with premium brands at a fraction of the cost of new instruments.
  • Time-tested sound — A refurbished grand piano has already proven its worth over the years. In addition, its sound quality, resonance and timbre have matured over the years, giving it a depth and character that new pianos may take decades to achieve.
  • Environmental impactRefurbished pianos promote sustainability by reducing waste and the demand for new resources to craft new instruments constantly.

Key considerations when buying a refurbished grand piano

The most important thing to consider when buying a refurbished grand piano is the quality of the restoration job. It’s supposed to feel brand new, after all. So, you need to carefully examine not only the piano’s finish but also its internal components.

A great way to ensure you’re getting a good refurbished instrument is to buy from a reputable seller known for selling high-quality refurbished grand pianos — like us here at Austral Piano World.

But that’s not all. If you time your purchase right, you can save even more money because we regularly offer discounts, price drops and cash-back offers. Stay tuned to our blog section for all our latest deals and updates.

Your refurbished grand piano awaits

Talk to us today to find the perfect refurbished grand piano for your home, or browse our services if you need help restoring or upgrading an old piano you already have.

With Austral Piano World, you get access to a wide selection of expertly curated and maintained European and Japanese pianos for every budget, so you’ll surely find something to suit your needs. Start shopping now!

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