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Upright Pianos

Looking for quality Upright Pianos? You've come to the right place - Austral Piano World has a massive showroom with a great range of Upright Pianos for sale in Melbourne.These pianos are from the world's best brands that includes Kawai, C.Bechstein, Steimeyer, WM Knabe, Seiler, Kohler & Campbell, Feurich and W.Hoffmann. Either come into our showroom to speak with Hans, or send your Grand Piano enquiry to us via email and we will be delighted to make your next Grand Piano purchase an amazing experience. Phone calls are also welcome , and we will give you our most serious attention.

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    Bechstein B120 in polished ebony

    C.Bechstein A 120

    THE PREMIUM CLASS Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend! Premium German pianino Bechstein A 120 Select: a piano made at the C. Bechstein production site, where German engineering is coupled...

    $27,999.00 $25,999.00
  • Bechstein B116 Made in Germany

    C.Bechstein A116 EP piano

    Finest sound and touch C.Bechstein A 116 Compact upright: a premium instrument made in Germany by C. Bechstein. Unequalled quality, voice, touch and sound volume. The A116 Compact piano boasts all characteristics of the premium uprights made in Germany...

  • C.Bechstein  A124 Piano in Mahogany C.Bechstein A124 in polished ebony

    C.Bechstein Classic A124

    C.Bechstein A124 made in Germany   New C.Bechstein A 124 Upright Piano The C. Bechstein Piano A 124 is a charming high-end piano. A top quality German piano sound, playing technique, craftsmanship and aesthetic! The C.Bechstein A 124...

  • C.Bechstein Model "8" C.Bechstein Model 8

    C.Bechstein Model 8

    C. Bechstein Concert 8   A dream piano C. Bechstein Concert 8: an unsurpassed professional piano, in keeping with all the C. Bechstein instruments favored since more than 160 years for their unique sound, touch and durability. The C...

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    Eduard Seiler 132 Prestige Artist Model

    Eduard Seiler 132 Artist

    Eduard Seiler 132 Artist Model   Power and precision: this piano is aimed at the ambitious piano player looking for a perfected design, high quality and rich possibilities in playing. The 132 Artist combines all this with materials from...

    $19,999.00 $15,890.00
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    FEURICH 115 Premier

    Feurich 115 Premiere Piano

      Premiere Mod 115 The construction of this new model originated in Germany, orchestrating the concept was Rolf Ibach.  This design promotes a continuation of the 160-year-old FEURICH tradition for innovation.  The new Upright Mod...

    $6,995.00 $6,199.00
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    Feurich 122 CM professional piano

    Feurich 122 Universal

      Chosen by Austral Piano World for the following: Technical Specifications Special Bavarian solid spruce soundboard, seasoned and  united to a precisely constructed back-frame affirms long-lasting construction, with a rich tonal spectrum...

    $8,395.00 $7,299.00
  • Feurich 123 Vienna Model,  from Vienna, Austria. It has a © LED Lamp for the Music Rest incuded.

    Feurich 123 Vienna Model

      The FEURICH 123 – Vienna   Made In Vienna, Austria The 123 Vienna instrument is made and hand-finished in Feurich’s Austrian piano factory under the supervision of Friedrich Steinbauer and Jan Enzenauer - esteemed piano...

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    Feurich 125 Design Silver finish Feurich 125 Design Gold finish

    Feurich 125 Design

      Chosen by Austral Piano World® for the following:   Technical Specifications   Special Bavarian solid spruce soundboard, seasoned and  united to a precisely constructed back-frame; affirms long-lasting construction, with...

    $9,495.00 $8,349.00
  • Feurich 133 CM Concert Upright Piano Feurich 133 Concert Model, full Duplex scaling in the treble section.

    FEURICH Mod. 133-Concert

    Chosen by Austral Piano World® for the following reasons: Technical Specifications Special Bavarian solid spruce soundboard, seasoned and  united to an expertly constructed back-frame; affirms long-lasting construction, with a rich tonal...

  • IQ Intelligent Player System from PianoDisc IQ control from Ipod, Iphone or Ipad

    IQ Intelligent Player System

    PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s...

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    Kawai ATX3 Hybrid Piano Kawai ATX3 real acoustic piano, with silent feature

    Kawai ATX3 Hybrid Silent Piano

    K-300 ATX3 Digital operation greatly extends the capabilities of the traditional acoustic upright in this genuine hybrid instrument that is truly the best of both worlds.   Kawai's exclusive, patented Millennium III Upright Action, featuring...

    $12,995.00 $11,830.00