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Upright Pianos

One Stop Destination for the best Upright Pianos in Melbourne

You should choose an upright piano for sale in Melbourne. This will ensure that you get the best piano which sounds great and does not take up too much space. This is why you should buy an upright piano as it is the perfect instrument for everyday use and to entertain your guests.

These Upright Pianos are musical instruments that have soundboards and strings that flow vertically and perpendicular to the keyboard and this takes less floor space than the usual Grand Pianos.

Upright Pianos are made in various heights wherein the shortest are called spinets or consoles. These are considered to have an inferior tone resulting from the shortness of the strings and their small soundboards. The larger upright pianos were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The action of the hammer and damper mechanism of the upright differs from the Grand Piano. The upright action returns to the resting position with the means of springs instead of with the help of gravity which is used in the grand. This accounts for the characteristic touch of uprights which is different from the Grand Pianos. The main advantage of upright pianos is the price that comes with it as they are instruments for the home and not for concerts.

Upright Pianos for Sale in Melbourne

Upright Pianos in Melbourne thrill players of all levels based on its rich and resonant tones which is reliable and subtle. These upright pianos for sale come with some amazing innovations that make them sound better than before.

At Austral Piano World, we help inspire musicians and give them the best equipment that is reasonable and within an assessed budget. Each Upright Piano comes with the right tone, touch and beauty that is meant to be passed down from one generation to another.

Our upright pianos are common features in practice rooms, classrooms and even in schools across Melbourne. We have been in the business of selling the finest upright pianos and we have all the major brands that you can opt for.

If you are looking for upright pianos in Melbourne then you can be sure that you have come to the right place. Our massive showroom has the best of upright pianos for sale in Melbourne.

Some of the brands that we sell include C. Bechstein, Fuerich, Kawai, Kohler & Campbell, Roland, Steinmeyer, W.Hoffmann and much more.

If you are sure about buying an upright piano then we have the right experts to guide you. We will do our best to match prices from other stores and provide free home delivery for your upright piano.

Reach out to us today via email or by phone and we will look into how best we can service your needs and find the best piano for you. Call us today at 03 94972616.


  • Feurich 115 Premiere Piano in White Chrome Feurich 115 Premiere Piano in White Chrome

    Feurich 115 Premiere Piano in White Chrome

      Premiere Mod 115 The construction of this new model originated in Germany, orchestrating the concept was Rolf Ibach. This design promotes a continuation of the 160-year-old FEURICH tradition for innovation.  The new Upright Mod...

  • Chloris plexglass piano

    Plexiglass piano 125

    A brand new plexiglass full acoustic piano, with a very repsonsive traditional wooden piano-action. The actual sound board is made in Germany. Comes together with a matching upholstered plexiglas piano bench. It plays and feels just like a real piano,...

  • C.Bechstein Academy 124 Imposant

    C.Bechstein Academy 124 Imposant

    The C. Bechstein A124 presents players at all stages of musical enjoyment with a German masterpiece that is within reach of anybody looking to invest in a piano for life.  KEY FEATURES Dimensions: 124cm (h), 151cm (w), 62cm (d), available...

  • C.Bechstein Academy series 124 Imposant C.Bechstein A124

    C.Bechstein Academy series 124 Imposant

      Hand-crafted, built over the course of eight months, and steeped in history, C. Bechstein Academy upright pianos represent our entrance into the world of German instruments. Located in Seifhennersdorf, the C. Bechstein factory is the...

  • C.Bechstein Classic 124

    C.Bechstein 124 Residence

    A top-class upright piano with an unobtrusive, timeless design.Excellent, beautiful sound and sophisticated, pleasant touch. A captivating voice with well-balanced  registers and a deep, sonorous base. A distinguished, modern piano with a...

  • Steinmeyer Piaget ST300 Piano

    Steinmeyer Piaget TS300 Piano

      Origin , established 1918 in Leipzig Germany , still made with exclusive German and Japanese materials. Very responsive piano action, all German A.Class FFW/Abel felt , solid spruce keyboard. Tonewood soundboard , made by Strunz Germany,...

  • Steinmeyer Classic SK-2HM Steinmeyer Classic SK-2HM

    Steinmeyer Classic SK-2HM

      Origin , established 1918 in Leipzig Germany , curently still hand made with exclusive German and Japanese materials. Very responsive piano action, all German A.Class FFW/Abel felt used , also includes a solid spruce keyboard; for better...

  • Roland LX708 Charcoal Black Express yourself with
Hybrid Grand Keyboard & Responsive Damper Action Pedals
The LX708’s Hybrid Grand Keyboard has a longer key action compared to most digital pianos. Because the key action is longer, the pivot point of each key is set further back, so you don’t need to press harder the further up the key you play. The white keys combine sleek wooden sides with a durable inner frame for maintenance-free reliability. And when playing, you’ll feel the ideal balance of pressure, momentum and return movement, along with smooth vertical travel. The premium LX708 even reproduces the physical vibrations that resonate through a grand piano’s keyboard, while the addition of pedals that enable a variety of advanced techniques makes this an authentic and thrilling piano experience.

    Roland LX708CB Charcoal Black

    LX708 The luxury eight-speaker piano with grand tone and auditorium ambience As the flagship of Roland’s LX700 series, the LX708 recreates all the pleasures of playing a traditional grand piano in a great live venue. Standing out among the LX...

  • C.Bechstein Model "8" C.Bechstein Model 8

    C.Bechstein Model 8

    C. Bechstein Concert 8   World's Number 1 Piano!  A dream piano C. Bechstein Concert 8: an unsurpassed professional piano, in keeping with all the C. Bechstein instruments favored since more than 160 years for their unique sound,...

  • Feurich 123 made in Vienna , satin walnut. Feurich 123 made in Vienna , satin walnut.

    Feurich 123 Vienna Model

      The FEURICH 123 – Vienna   Made In Vienna, Austria The 123 Vienna instrument is made and hand-finished in Feurich’s Austrian piano factory under the supervision of Friedrich Steinbauer and Jan Enzenauer - esteemed piano...

  • SALE
    Kawai ND21 Piano, new includes an adjustable piano bench.

    Kawai ND21

    Kawai ND21  a  great new affordable piano from Kawai Full 88 note well balanced keyboard, solid spruce soundboard. Unblemished, this  is a brand new Kawai 121cm upright professional piano. Only a limited number available at this...

    MSRP: $6,195.00
    Was: $6,195.00
    Now: $5,995.00