Zimmermann Studio S8 by C.Bechstein

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size: 149.00 W × 132.00 H × 66.00 L
Availability: An affordable concert piano - perfect for recording studios, the music school hall or the home stage.
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

The Studio S 8 is the fortissimo among Zimmermann's pianos

The lights are dimmed, the curtain opens, the first notes sound - and you know immediately: the Zimmermann Studio S 8 is the born concert piano. It easily transforms your apartment into a stage and has no trouble asserting itself in rooms with high ceilings, in the recording studio or in the music school hall. This instrument knows no stage fright, but fills every room with a mature sonority, in which one or the other grand piano peeks over appreciatively - only secretly, of course. Its stately body gives rise to a fulfilling spatiality, a warm and strong sound and a bass that you can really feel. Only when it comes to the price does it remain pleasingly reserved - a piano of the world. 


by C.Bechstein

Zimmermann – that means first and foremost: play happily. Enjoy a wonderful sound at a really fair price. That's why all our upright and grand pianos are designed, constructed and checked by C. Bechstein. And you can hear that too. This is the only way we can get closer to our mission: we want everyone to have the opportunity to play a quality acoustic piano.

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