Feurich Model 190 Grand Piano Made in Germany

Brand: Feurich
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size: 150.00 W × 96.00 H × 190.00 L
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Warranty: 10 year warranty

The Feurich 190 grand piano is a remarkable instrument, both in terms of its historical value and its craftsmanship. Made circa 1977, this piano carries a significant legacy as it was fully crafted by the original Feurich factory in Germany. Its serial number, 67890, marks it as a unique piece in the Feurich piano lineage.

The exterior of the piano is particularly captivating, finished in polished walnut. This choice of wood and finish would give the piano a rich, warm hue, with the grain of the walnut adding depth and character to its appearance. The polished surface would reflect light beautifully, making the piano a stunning centerpiece in any room.

Internally, the piano is described as being in very good condition. This indicates that all the crucial components, like the strings, hammers, and soundboard, have been well-maintained or restored. The fact that it has been checked over by a master craftsman suggests a commitment to preserving its quality and ensuring that it produces the best possible sound. Such careful maintenance is crucial for a piano of this age to retain its musical integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, this Feurich 190 grand piano seems to be a fine blend of historical craftsmanship and enduring quality, making it not only an instrument for musical expression but also a piece of art and history.

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