C.Bechstein Connect , new digital advantages on W.Hoffmann Professional and Tradition Series

Imagine if you could simply use additional digital functions on your acoustic upright or grand piano without affecting the instrument.

This newly invented C.Bechstein digital technology, allows you to connect with your smartphone or tablet, or PC and create something new with your favorite plug-ins, loops, and samples.

Our new C.Bechstein Connect allows you to do exactly that with it's non-contact optical sensor technology for MIDI signal transmission.

Our upright and grand pianos of our W.Hoffmann Professional and Tradition Series come with the C.Bechstein Connect and its advantages.

Of course, all W.Hoffmann pianos come from and are made in Europe.

Upright and grand pianos are analog instruments through and through. Their development preceded that of computers by centuries. We believe in the unifying power of creativity!

From digital audio processing to notation in real-time, this system well deserves a look!