​Celebrate the Majestic Feurich 218 Grand Piano – The Concert Star! ?

Celebrate the Majestic Feurich 218 Grand Piano – The Concert Star! ?

Wondrous Facts:

  • Hailing from 1851 in lovely Langlau, Germany, the Feurich Piano company is steeped in rich history.
  • Guess what? They still use the original blueprints for designing! How cool is that?
  • Embracing tradition means everything, especially when it's about cherishing that signature Feurich sound - crystal clear yet with a pinch of romance. ??

The Magic Behind the Sound:

  • The top-notch soundboards from Austria's Tonewood deserve a standing ovation!
  • Let's talk about the heart of the piano - the soundboard. Feurich is super picky, handpicking only the crème de la crème of Bavarian mountain spruce. Plus, only the ones grown 1000 meters up high and felled in winter make the cut! The result? Gorgeous bright colours and pristine tonal purity. ?✨
  • Sound bridges? Only the best! Handpicked, patiently seasoned, and fashioned from solid beech and German maple. Sound perfection? Absolutely!
  • The attention to detail is mind-blowing! Intricate cast iron plates, crafted by the finest foundries in Germany, are the backbone of these beauties.
  • Tuning? Rock-steady! Thanks to chromed tuning pins (bye-bye rust!) and the exclusive stainless Stephen Paulello wire. An innovation? You bet!
  • Let’s not forget the exquisite hammer heads by Renner of Stuttgart, boasting AA-rated quality felts. Pure craftsmanship!

In A Nutshell: This gem is perfect for those soulful medium-sized concert hall performances. No wonder professional musicians are head over heels in love with it! ?❤️

Play on and let the Feurich magic sweep you away! ??