GP607 Roland Digital Piano

GP607 Roland Digital Piano

With the horizontal shape of a small baby grand , the excellent 4 speakers and sub-woofer project the Roland supernatural piano sound beautifully. A very impressive piano, they say good things come in small packages, this is certainly seems to be a fine example.

To sum it up:

  • One of the best and greatest products from Roland Pianos we have seen so far!
  • Surprising number of features on the Roland GP607, including the new PHA-50 ultra responsive keyboard
  • Employing the very latest SuperNatural Piano Modelling technology, giving crisp clear sound.
  • Built in the GP607 has a 4.1channel multi-speaker system, including 4 speakers and one woofer!
  • Connect to a world of exiting apps, such as Piano Partner 2, via MIDI over Bluetooth, and more.
  • Great piano sounds, including Concert piano, Ballad piano, Mellow piano, Bright Piano , very versetile piano!

Bluetooth functionality, allows one to 1. audio Music date played back by the mobile device can be heard through the unit's speakers. 2. Page -turning, a music score display app on the mobile device can be controlled from this unit. 3.MIDI data can be exchanged between this unit and the mobile device.

Another feature is called " personaliazing Your Piano Sound ( Piano Designer) This unit allows you to personalize your piano sound by adjusting various factors that effect the sound, such as the piano strings, the resonance produced using the pedals, and the sound of the hammers striking the strings. The function is aptlu called "Piano Designer"

Although I must confess that I mainly use the default setting, as they are great as well.

Simply opening or closing the lid, turns the power on/of , great power saver, no worries about "leaving it on overnight" or when ever.

I would also like to mention this Roland GP607 is fully compatible with Roland's APP Piano-Partner2 , which can be downloaded free of charge. 

It comes with avery good Manual, which is included inthe package, for ease of use.