Roland RD-88 Stage Piano: Simple MainStage integration for a massive palette

The Roland RD-88 is a stage piano with 88 weighted keys and built-in speakers. It has a variety of sounds and effects, including piano, electric piano, organ, and synth. It also has a USB connectivity, allowing you to play and record with your favorite music software on your computer or tablet. The RD-88 is designed for live performance and has a sleek and durable design. Additionally, it's available for purchase at austral piano world, which is an authorized dealer of Roland products.

Simple MainStage integration for a massive palette of sound.

MainStage is an Apple software that lets you play software instruments on your laptop. The RD-88 fully integrates with MainStage, and even displays performance patch names on its screen, making it extremely powerful for live performances giving you an even larger pallet of sounds.

You can connect to your laptop and play the instruments loaded into MainStage from the RD-88 keyboard and the audio from MainStage routes back through the RD-88’s audio outputs, all via one usb cable.

Take the Stage

The RD-88 has proven to be extremely popular with gigging musicians for all these five reasons. You can have the acclaimed RD sound and playability in a lighter, more accessible, and more affordable instrument. A plethora of sounds, internal, downloadable and expandable with MainStage integration.