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The International FEURICH Competition for Piano, Voice, and Chamber Music

Posted by Dr. Elana Tolstykh on 23rd Feb 2019

Dear friends, The International FEURICH Competition for Piano, Voice, and Chamber Music offers young musicians from all backgrounds an opportunity to present their talent in the heart of Vienna, a city renowned the world over for its rich musical heritage. The competition takes place for the 4th time and aims at musicians between 6 and 99 years of age. The focus of the competition is not just on technical skills, but also on the ability of musical expression: the art of bringing sheet music to life. The jury consists of seasoned musicians and teachers from various European universities. Online Registration is open until 15 May 2019. The Final Round takes place in Vienna between 29 June and 1 July 2019. For more information, registration, and video upload, go to 

In addition to trophies and prizes, contestants can win invitations to perform in concerts and festivals such as the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival in the London Royal Albert Hall, Klassiek op het Amstelveld in Amsterdam, or Stage4Kids in Hamburg. The CLAVIS Piano Festival will provide generous special prizes in the form of residencies in Reichersbeuern (Germany) and in St. Petersburg (Russia). All contestants in the final round will be supported during the competition. The accompanying programme comprises masterclasses as well as music-themed guided tours, e.g. visiting the Vienna State Opera. A warm welcome to Vienna. 

Your organisations committee, Dr. Elena Tolstykh