Casio AP710 Piano

Brand: Casio
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size: 137.70 W × 91.10 H × 42.70 L
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Warranty: 5 Year Casio Warranty

The important features in the AP-710 include an upgraded triple sensor synthetic ivory & ebony very responsive key action, an intuitive LCD display screen placed in the center of the piano above the keyboard to make it easier to see, and an adjustable matching bench. In addition to those things, the internal speaker system in the AP-710 is also the upgraded and includes 6 speakers (far more than any other brand under $3000) going through a total of 60 watts of stereo power. This newer model also has a new matte black cabinet finish with a beautiful texture to it that gives it a more elegant appearance than any of the Celviano models below it.


AiR Grand Sound Source - Three Legendary Pianos

The storied tradition of the piano, an instrument with a long history going back to the 1700s, lives on today in three superb pianos. Casio exhaustively researched and analyzed the tonal characteristics of these three full concert grand pianos, made in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. We drew upon the full range of our digital technologies to express the tone color of these grand pianos in the newly developed AiR Grand Sound Source. It is now possible to enjoy to the fullest the magnificent sound of these historic pianos, beloved by Liszt, Debussy, and other musical giants, in a single digital piano.


Berlin Grand Sound Developed in Collaboration with C. Bechstein

When speaking of the C. Bechstein piano, Claude Debussy declared, “Piano music should only be written for the Bechstein.” This history of C. Bechstein pianos begins with the company’s founding by Carl Bechstein in Berlin in 1853. Now, Casio has joined in collaboration with this renowned piano maker to develop the “Berlin Grand” tone, a balanced, elegant sound with a clearly defined shape. To create its exquisite clarity of tone and vibrancy, we analyzed the tone color of the ultimate C. Bechstein masterpiece, the D282. The resulting sound, which meets with the approval of even C. Bechstein master piano maker Werner Albrecht, has been incorporated into the Celviano AP-700 as “Berlin Grand.”


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