Kawai CA78 Digital Piano

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5 "touch screen, SK-EX rendering sound generator, ONKYO technology and more.


Grandfeel II mechanics with pressure point simulation and wooden keyboard with Ebony & Ivory touch surfaces

The CA78 is equipped with the Grandfeel II mechanism with wooden buttons, which - thanks to Kawai's more than 90-year experience in piano construction - offers an exceptionally realistic feel. The key length of the Grand Feel II keyboard (from the front edge to the balance bar) is longer than any other Digitalpiano keyboard. All eighty-eight black and white buttons are made entirely of long wood parts. As with a wing, each key moves gently on a balance beam. When a key is pressed, a weighted hammer moves upwards as in the original. In addition, the triple sensor system ensures optimal repetition and game control.
The graded-weighted hammers give a real feel to the wings. In addition, the Grand Feel II keyboard weights are incorporated in the front area of ​​each button to provide an even better balance between a pronounced Fortissimo and a low-fatness game with perfect control in the pianissimo. In addition, the Grand Feel II keyboard is equipped with a pressure point simulator, which ensures perfect control in the Pianissimo game. 
All 88 keys of the Grand Feel II keyboard are equipped with ivory-like pads (Ebony & Ivory Touch) that absorb moisture and give the player a more secure and excellent game control thanks to a grippy surface.

The sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, reproduced with the latest SK-EX rendering sound technology

The beautiful sound of the Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano is the heart of the new CA78. The world-renowned Shigeru Kawai models are appreciated because of their tonal clarity and can always be found on the stages of concert halls and musical institutions.
In order to be able to reproduce the impressive sound of the Shigeru wing as naturally as possible, Kawai has developed the new SK-EX rendering sound generator, which is characterized by a high-resolution multi-channel sampling of all 88 keys in combination with the latest resonant modeling technology. The multi-channel sampling incorporates the sound, recorded from several positions of the Shigeru Kawai concert wing, which can reproduce a wider range of sound characteristics, thus enabling more lively authentic sound changes in dynamic play. This natural and expressive sound is further enriched by the use of physical modeling with newly developed resonance algorithms. The complex overall sound, which is characterized by the strings,

Alternative acoustic piano length and a wide range of additional sounds

Besides the new SK-EX rendering, the CA78 is also equipped with the popular Harmonic Imaging XL technology. This includes alternative acoustic piano length and a wide selection of additional sounds. For example, the Kawai EX concert grand piano is one of the most distinctive in the world, and it is often chosen internationally by professional pianists, such as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky or Rubinstein piano competitions. The sounds of the middle Shigeru Kawai grand piano SK-5 and the acoustic Kawai piano K-60 give the player the opportunity to learn different sound characteristics of different grand piano sizes or an acoustic piano.
Zusätzlich zu den akustischen Pianoklängen verfügt das CA78 über eine umfangreiche Auswahl von weiteren Klängen, wie z.B. E-Pianos, Zugriegel- oder Kirchenorgel, Streicher- oder auch Chorklänge, die dem Musiker ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Spiel unterschiedlichster Genres ermöglichen. Der Dual Modus erlaubt das gleichzeitige Spiel von zwei unterschiedlichen Klängen (z.B. Flügel und Streicher) übereinander auf der Tastatur, während der Split- bzw. Vierhand Modus eine Unterteilung der Tastatur in einen linken und einen rechten Bereich ermöglicht.

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