Roland EX50 Arranger Keyboard

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size: 104.80 W × 46.10 H × 31.90 L


Roland  E-X50 Arranger Keyboard is your musical centerpiece blending professional Roland sounds, auto-accompaniment features, full-range stereo speakers, Bluetooth® audio, and more. Its sleek design complements any space, while its premium Roland acoustic pianos deliver a rich, authentic playing experience. Explore a universe of sounds beyond piano, including electric pianos, organs, guitars, and orchestral instruments.

Lead the band effortlessly with 300 preset styles covering various genres, or delve into advanced arrangements with Auto Bass Chord and Whole mode functionalities. Connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth for seamless streaming and learning opportunities. The E-X50 also offers versatile connections, including a mic input with effects, stereo outputs for larger venues, and USB ports for interfacing with music software and backing up recordings.

For advanced players, customization options abound, allowing you to load custom styles and adjust parameters to suit your performance needs. Whether you're a beginner, seasoned player, or performer, the E-X50 is your gateway to maximum entertainment and musical expression.

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