Kawai KDP120 RW Rosewood

Brand: Kawai
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size: 136.00 W × 85.50 H × 40.50 L
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Warranty: 5 Year Kawai Warranty


The KDP120 is the entry into the world of Kawai digital pianos and already has many features of the premium models, in a compact design at an attractive price.

Equipped with the improved Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard with weighted keys and triple sensor technology, the KDP120 ensures perfect control and maximum repetition. 

The Shigeru Kawai SK-EX piano sounds with 88 key sampling are perfectly reproduced via the powerful speaker system. 

With a traditional design and the attractive colors of premium rosewood, premium black satin and premium white satin, the KDP120 scores in terms of performance, quality and value in this price range.


  • Improved Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard with 3-way hammer  sensors
  • Authentic Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano sounds with full 88-key sampling
  • Bluetooth® MIDI and USB-MIDI for flexible connectivity
  • Support of Kawai's PianoRemote  and PiaBookPlayer apps
  • Integrated Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer Etudes and Alfred Lesson Songs
  • Powerful 40W stereo amplifier and speaker system with low volume balance  feature
  • Extended SHS headphone sound with headphone type selection


The new Responsive Hammer Compact II (RHC II) keyboard was developed to authentically reproduce the fine, natural touch of a grand piano. The keyboard is weighted in a graduated manner (like on an acoustic piano, the keys in the bass range are a little harder to hit than in the treble range) and the key surface of all 88 keys is slightly matt, which enables better control of the game. As with other Kawai digital piano keyboard mechanics, the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard is equipped with a speed detection of the hammers by the triple sensor system, in which the strike force is determined by the movement of the hammers and thus gives the pianist a very natural feel.
The RHC II keyboard mechanism enables even experienced pianists to express their emotional playing ... from soft pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.


The KDP120 reproduces the special sound of the handcrafted and world-famous SHIGERU KAWAI SK-EX concert grand. All 88 keys of this extraordinary instrument were recorded and analyzed. When playing on the new KDP model, the recordings are faithfully reproduced using Harmonic Imaging ™ technology. This unique process enables the implementation of the great dynamics of the acoustic original and at the same time serves as a source for a selection of further high-quality sounds. 
Additional reverb effects are integrated in the instrument. You can add a reverb effect to the sound, which simulates the environment of a room, lounge, small hall, concert hall, live hall or cathedral.


The KDP120 digital piano is equipped with Bluetooth MIDI technology, which enables wireless communication with smart devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet). This gives you the opportunity to comfortably use a large selection of music-related apps in connection with your KDP120 digital piano. 
* The Bluetooth functionality is not included in the KDP120 digital piano in every country of sale.


With the integrated song recorder, you can record up to three songs in the internal memory of the KDP120 and play them back at any time. 
The powerful lesson function supports the upcoming pianist in learning to play the piano through an integrated collection of typical practice pieces by Beyer, Czerny and Burgmüller for piano lessons. Each practice piece can be played with variable tempo, individual playback of the left or right hand, before it can be recorded together with your playing for self-control.


The KDP120 is equipped with the Grand Feel Pedal System . With this system developed by Kawai, the resistance when pressing the three pedals (Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto) corresponds to the pedal feel of a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand. The correct positioning of the pedals was also ensured.


Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) is a special feature of the new KDP120, which gives the sound of the acoustic piano sound over headphones more spatial depth and also improves the listening experience over a longer period of time.


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