Schumann A132 iQ PianoDiscTM

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Product Overview

Schumann The latest model in the Schumann Prestige Collection, dedicated to professional . Ideal for large room or music studio.

Fitted to the Schumann piano frame are brass agraffes which increase the longevity and clarity of individual string vibration. 

The Schumann piano tuning pin block is made using advanced techniques in multi-lamination of maple and beech to ensure tuning longevity and stability.

Moutrie pianos actions are German-designed using the highest quality components.

Taking advantage of the latest in German Piano Technology, this fully imported piano, is toned, tuned and prepared in Australia.The sound is that of a genuine European origin. All Schumann pianos are equipped with chrome plated hardware (hinges, pedals, locks etc) which gives modern brilliance in appearance whilst eliminating any future discoloration normally associated with using brass parts.

All Schumann pianos are expertly adjusted before being sold as to the highest of industry specifications!


 SCHUMANN iQ Pianos are a unique range of traditional acoustic pianos that hide a very big secret. iQ pianos are fitted with the exclusive PianoDisc™ Silent Drive technology. This enables the piano to play by itself with the keys actually moving up and down before your eyes!

 Not only is your piano a beautiful addition to your home, your lifestyle can be transformed by the enjoyment of playing and listening to the piano. iQ pianos come with over 500 songs pre-loaded into the music library. In addition to the piano playing, many songs have extra backing with vocal and orchestral arrangements. The backing is played through 2 concealed speakers on the piano. This total performance experience creates an atmosphere that’s sure to impress. Background music can also be played through your own entertainment system.

 Bonus iPad that plays your piano

 You control your iQ piano with the bonus iPad that comes with every model. Simply turn the iPad on, go to your iTunes folder and select the song or album you wish to play. Then you can adjust the volume, play or pause the music. Thousands of other songs are available for you to download from the Piano Disc website to create your own selection of favorite music programs.


Warranty Information

10 Years on piano, 5 years on iQ System

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