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Used Pianos

SERVICING with attention and care. Our craftsmen are guided by tradition and understand that each piano has it's own subtleties and intracacies.

Our skilled and meticulous workshop team have undertaken training from esteemed establishments worldwide and include highly qaulified members od APEG  (Australian Piano Engineers Guild)

Our superior range of restored grand and upright pianos will inspire, as Hans and his team recount the history behind each of the stunning pianos on display.

Steinway & Sons, C.Bechstein, Bluthner, Kawai and other major brands can all be found at Austral Piano world, fully restored to peak condition.

  • Bluthner 190 Grand piano Bluthner 190 Grand piano

    Bluthner 190 Grand Piano

    Beautifull in top condition, fully restored with new strings, felts and hammers and new tuning pins. Rare and hard to find, great traditional European Bluthner sound, made in traditional Rosewood. A grand piano which would please the most discerning...

  • Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano 6'1"  186cm

    Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano 6'1"

    A magnificent fastidiously restored German Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano Size 6,1"  ( 186cm )  Surely one of the most meticulos kept Burled Walnut extreriors we have ever seen. Fully restored to it's former glory, including conforming new...

  • C.Bechstein Model M Grand Piano C.Bechstein Model M Grand Piano

    C.Bechstein Model M

    Magnificent world class instrument, this C.Bechstein Model M  one of the best we have seen in a long time. Hand made by C.Bechstein , Berlin Germany in 1925 , internally restored by Austral Piano World 2018

  • Challen of London Challen of London

    Challen Baby Grand

    A beautifull and  well looked after English made (circa 1949) Challen Baby Grand Piano. Lovely velvet smooth English sound, case in magnificen origianal ribbon mahogany. In perfect working order, fully checked over in our workshop by our piano...

  • Ed. Seiler Baby Grand, Moon Shape Ed. Seiler Baby Grand, Moon Shape

    Ed.Seiler Art Deco Baby Grand Piano

    A magnificant piece of and fine example of the Art Deco Period is this 1925 Ed. Seiler Grand Piano made in Germany. Rare and hard to find is this beautifull sounding instrument, which has been fully refurbished by our mastercraftsmen. Rare rosewood...

  • Kawai K25E professional piano

    Kawai K25E Piano

    A very nice professional Kawai K25e series piano, in "as good as new" condition. Unblemished in everyway, including a beautifull very responsive 88 note keyboard. Current model is the K300j which has and SRP of $8,795.- so a great oppurtunity to...

  • Kawai KL-68C Upright Piano

    Kawai KL-68C Piano

    A fastidiously maintained, professional Kawai KL-68C upright piano , 130 CM in Height. Beautifull unmarked Mahogany finish, with full frontal piano desk, similar to grand piano. This 1988 model was fully made in Japan, in excellent condition, inside...

  • Ronisch III Crown Piano , Made in Germany
Serial No. 59294 Ronisch III cCrown Piano, Interior view

    Ronisch III Crown Model

    Ronosch 3 Crown model, in magnficent condition, fastidiously maintained. Has been through our workshop, new German hammers and damperfelts fitted. Rare and hard to find , in such good working order, tuned to A440 concert pitch. One free piano tuning,...

  • Steinway & Sons Serial No. 82104 Steinway & Sons Serial No. 82104

    Steinway & Sons

    Magnificent Steinway & Sons Piano, which has been fastidiously maintained. In a beautifull Rosewood cabinet, with period sconces & features. Interior finish has also been completely renewed and restored, including a completed rebuilt. Heritage...

  • Steinway & Sons Steinway & Sons

    Steinway & Sons Piano

    Magnificent example of hand build Steinway & Sons craftsmenship , in superb solid Rosewood case. Build to last, during the "Golden Years" at Steinway & Sons, circa 1890 with it's golden tone. Unblemished keyboard, with a medium to light...

  • Steinweg Grand Piano, pre-loved in good working order. Steinweg Grand Piano, pre-loved in good working order.

    Steinweg Grand Piano

    Th. Steinweg Grand piano, internally fully restored. New base and treble strings ,including German Tuning Pins. New Steinway conforming hammers, shanks and key-bushings. The case is all in reasonable original condition, it has not been repolished. A...

  • YAMAHA G2 Grand Piano

    Yamaha G2 Grand Piano

    Yamaha G2 grand piano, very responsive touch and tone; in good condition. Fully factory  restored piano action, including felts and new hammers etc. Excelent value for money, comes with warranty, 1 free piano tuning. Made in Japan, a piano bench...