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Used Pianos

Selecting a Second Hand Piano in Melbourne

Your search for used pianos for sale ends here. Austral Piano World has a huge collection of used pianos in Melbourne. There is a wide selection of used pianos in Melbourne in our store. 

This is based on a comprehensive range that suits every budget and playing style that differs from one piano player to another. This means that we have the best of pianos from basic upright pianos to high performance pianos.

All the second hand pianos are reviewed and selected after they are serviced and inspected by a team of technicians that we have in house. They are there to find the best quality pianos for you and our warranty will ensure that you can buy these pianos in complete confidence.

Check out our Used Pianos in Melbourne

 We have a huge range of used pianos with ever increasing stock to choose from. There are several pianos that come in and go out from our store every day. This means customers should spend time at our showroom and browse for worthwhile second hand upright pianos. You can spend time in our showroom browsing our pianos and trying your hand at it just to get a feel of the different pianos before you go and buy one. 

Best Prices for Second Hand Pianos in Melbourne

At Austral Piano World, we know almost everything that you need to know about pianos. We have the best deals and the best pianos that are great shape at the best prices.

If you are looking for the best prices in Melbourne, then just reach out to us. Not only will we match the price of the competitors but we are sure to better it at our showroom. This means that you will get the best piano on demand and ensure that you get it for the right price. Also, you can talk to our technicians, if needed, to ask them about things they found when they were assessing the pianos.

The technicians that work with us are guided by tradition and understand that all these pianos have their own intricacies that make these pianos what they are. This team has undergone training from renowned establishments like the Australian Piano Engineers Guild. Our range of restored Grand and Upright Pianos are sure to inspire you into taking one home with you.

Steinway & Sons, C.Bechstein, Bluthner, Kawai and other major brands are available at the Austral Piano World and you should come on down to check out these fully restored pieces in their best form.

Connect with an expert at our Melbourne Showroom today about the various pianos that you would like to review and we will ensure that we service your needs and find a piano that fits the bill.

 Talk to one of our sales executives today in order to ensure that you get only the best deal in all of Melbourne. Call us today at 03 94972616.

  • Alex Steinbach 178 Grand piano Alex Steinbach 178 Grand piano

    Alex Steinbach 178 Art Case Grand- Marantz Pianola

    Alex Steinbach Art Case Baby grand , has had only one previous owner. A well looked after grand piano, which also has a Marantz self playing mechanism attached. Plays all your favourite music, whilst one is in entertaining! Currently in our showroom,...

  • Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano 6'1"  186cm

    Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano 6'1"

    A magnificent fastidiously restored German Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano Size 6,1"  ( 186cm )  Surely one of the most meticulos kept Burled Walnut extreriors we have ever seen. Beautifull in top condition, fully restored with new strings,...

  • SALE
    Brimsmead Grand Piano 
Lenght 153cm
Width   153cm

    Brimsmead Grand Piano

    Selling in good condition, "as traded" a nice Brimsmead Baby Grand  Nice European instrument, Made in London UK circa 1924 In good working order, complete with piano bench. One free piano tuning included.  

    MSRP: $4,395.00
    Was: $4,395.00
    Now: $3,800.00
  • Kawai ATX2

    KAWAI K300-ATX2 Offering the unsurpassed craftsmanship and performance of an acoustic K Series professional upright piano, the K-300 ATX2 Anytime Hybrid Upright Piano comes fitted with our AnyTime digital audio system bringing exceptional...

  • Kawai CE 7N upright piano

    Kawai CE 7N Piano

    One of Kawai's most popular smaller pianos, with the great Kawai's expressive sound. It has very resonsive keyboard touch, and still looks as "good as new" in nice ribbon mahogany. Comes complete with a matching duet bench, with room for music book...

  • Ronisch III Crown Piano , Made in Germany
Serial No. 59294 Ronisch III cCrown Piano, Interior view

    Ronisch III Crown Model

    Ronosch 3 Crown model, in magnficent condition, fastidiously maintained. Has been through our workshop, new German hammers and damperfelts fitted. Rare and hard to find , in such good working order, tuned to A440 concert pitch. One free piano tuning,...

  • Steinway & Sons Serial No. 82104 Steinway & Sons Serial No. 82104

    Steinway & Sons

    Magnificent Steinway & Sons Piano, which has been fastidiously maintained. In a beautifull Rosewood cabinet, with period sconces & features. Interior finish has also been completely renewed and restored, including a completed rebuilt. Heritage...

  • Steinway & Sons Model "L" Steinway & Sons Model "L"

    Steinway & Sons Model " L"

    In "good as new" condition , recently fully restored, Steinway & Sons grand piano. Hand made during the "Golden Years" of the Steinway factory period. Would suit the most discerning requirements as a musical instrument. Included is the original...

  • Steinweg Grand Piano, pre-loved in good working order. Steinweg Grand Piano, pre-loved in good working order.

    Steinweg Grand Piano

    Th. Steinweg Grand piano, internally fully restored. New base and treble strings ,including German Tuning Pins. New Steinway conforming hammers, shanks and key-bushings. The case is all in reasonable original condition, it has not been repolished. A...

  • Yamaha UX Professional Piano

    Yamaha UX Piano

    Immaculate condition, virtually looks brand new, Made in Japan, 131cm height, has hardly been used. It is in such good order throughout, that we will give this Yamaha UX piano a 10 year warranty. Comes with a nice matching piano bench , and one free...