Feurich 179 Dynamic II

Brand: Feurich
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size: 151.50 W × 102.00 H × 179.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Years Warranty

FEURICH 179 – DYNAMIC II Grand Piano

The FEURICH 179 – DYNAMIC II is a medium-sized grand piano that delivers a powerful, well-balanced, and warm FEURICH tone. With an extended soundboard surface area, rust-free strings, and a redesigned frame, this instrument surpasses its predecessor, the Model 178, which won the prestigious Diapason award for the best piano under 30,000 Euro.

Key Features

  • Extended soundboard surface area
  • Exceptionally large and consistent tone
  • New FEURICH action for fast and precise touch
  • Climate-resistant multi-laminated pinblock
  • Paulello rust-free string wire
  • Integrated anti-glare LED lamp


  • Outstanding sound performance for a medium-size grand piano
  • Proven success in music schools, conservatories, and small concert halls worldwide
  • Precision Touch Design (PTD) to improve touch and tone

Technical Specifications

  • Best new FEURICH action with special yellow FEURICH felt from England
  • Keyboard and action made with solid Austrian timber for fast and precise touch
  • Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNC-milled iron plate for excellent and long-lasting tuning stability
  • Rust-free string wire by Paulello for improved clarity and quality of tone
  • Extended construction size for a long-lasting tone and a full and pure bass sound
  • Traditional FEURICH design for optimum transmission of sound
  • Innovative FEURICH design with integrated, anti-glare LED lighting on the music rest
  • Luxury features include extra large grand piano wheels, a soft-fall system on the piano lid, and genuine wooden black key tops

The FEURICH 179 – DYNAMIC II Grand Piano is a prizewinning top model from the FEURICH Professional range that combines years of experience and the highest quality standards. With its amazing fullness of tone and dynamics, enlarged soundboard size, and robust construction, this piano is suitable for larger rooms and small concert halls. It offers luxury features and a high level of performance at a price that is unmatched for its quality.

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