Yamaha U3M Professional Piano

Brand: Yamaha
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size: 150.00 W × 131.00 H × 60.00 L
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Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Experience the Superior Yamaha U3-M Upright Piano

Delight in the exceptional sound and timeless design of the Yamaha U3-M Upright Piano, a superior model renowned for its excellent professional concert standard condition. This meticulously crafted instrument will captivate pianists of all levels with its impeccable interior and unblemished 88-note keyboard.

Aesthetic Perfection in a High-Quality Instrument

The Yamaha U3-M Upright Piano features a virtually unmarked, beautiful gloss ebony finish that still looks nearly "as good as new"! Its pristine appearance is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and enduring quality synonymous with the Yamaha brand.

Concert Standard Pitch Tuning and Workshop Inspection

This recently arrived Yamaha U3-M has been thoroughly checked by our workshop and tuned to Concert Standard Pitch A440, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality.

Generous Warranty and Included Extras

We are offering a 10-year warranty on this exceptional Yamaha U3-M piano, reflecting our confidence in its outstanding condition and enduring performance. Included with the piano is a matching piano stool.

Made in Japan with Unrivaled Quality

The Yamaha U3-M Upright Piano is proudly made in Japan, ensuring the highest standards in craftsmanship and performance. This superior model is the ideal choice for pianists seeking a high-quality, pre-loved instrument that promises years of enjoyment.

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