Kawai GX2 Grand Piano

Brand: Kawai
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size: 150.00 W × 96.00 H × 180.00 L
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Warranty: 12 Years Kawai Australia Pty Ltd Warranty

KAWAI GX-2 Grand Piano


The KAWAI GX-2 is one of the world's best-selling grand pianos, offering superb tonal depth and resonance, and a classic size to grace any home, studio or performance venue. This is a special offer for a brand new  model. 

Touch and Tone 

The new standard of grand piano design is beyond imagination. Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship. Applying knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation. Defining the 'made in Japan' philosophy of piano building. Lightness of touch usually experienced by only the very finest concert pianists. Rich, vivid, expressive tone that inspires one's creative passion. A new era of grand piano performance has arrived.

  • 12 Years Kawai Warranty included
  • Advanced Millennium III keyboard action
  • Utilisation of ABS-Carbon compound for improved durability, responsiveness, and control
  • Soundboard materials selection and construction
  • Enhanced body rigidity for immersive sound
  • Premium grand piano hammers and felted hammers for delicate and powerful tone production
  • Duplex scale system for enhanced harmonics
  • Premium Neotex coating for white and black keys for ultimate touch control

Design and Craftsmanship

Preserving the treasured design of a grand piano while pursuing new details of elegance, this is the design concept of the GX Series. The instrument's exterior design, with its gentle curves and broad music rest, establishing the traditional characteristics and captivating form of a grand piano.

  • Expanding the upper-beam thickness for structural rigidity and design distinction
  • Kawai's painting and finishing process for a luxurious ebony polish appearance
  • The mesmerising brilliance of the glowing golden frame, delicate woodwork, and abundant expression of quality displayed along the inner rim
  • The luxurious elegance of rich black felt and the reassuring display of hand-made craftsmanship
  • Multi-angle piano lid props and Kawai's original 'Soft Fall' system

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