C.Bechstein A175 grand piano

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The C. Bechstein Academy A 175 is a German-made grand piano that embodies elegance, precision, and rich musical expression. Here are some notable features of this exceptional instrument:


  1. Premium Craftsmanship:

    • The A 175 is meticulously crafted at the C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, where experienced piano-makers build instruments of exceptional quality.
    • It adheres to the brand’s high standards, ensuring a genuine pleasure in playing.
  2. Distinctive Voice:

    • Rooted in the great Bechstein tradition, the A 175 boasts a noble, elegant, and dignified voice.
    • Its richly nuanced sound captivates both players and audiences.
  3. Precision Action:

    • The professional, high-precision action is manufactured with meticulous attention.
    • The hammerheads are produced in-house, further enhancing the instrument’s quality.
  4. Specifications:

    • Dimensions: D 5’9’’ / 175 cm × W 59.8’’ / 152 cm
    • Weight: 736 lbs / 334 kg
    • Equipped with the C. Bechstein Connect integrated VARIO-Digitalsystem (optional).
  5. Versatility and Finesse:

    • The A 175 strikes a balance between the smaller A160 baby grand and the legendary A 190.
    • Its precise action and elegant voice make it a favorite among discerning musicians worldwide.


Whether you’re a professional pianist or an enthusiast, the C. Bechstein A 175 offers an exquisite playing experience that resonates with the legacy of German piano craftsmanship


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