Kawai GL40 Satin Black Grand Piano

Brand: Kawai
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Warranty: 12 Years complete factory Warranty from Kawai

The new GL grand piano series from Kawai
The GL grand piano series has all the important quality features that have made Kawai instruments a preferred choice of pianists and teachers for generations. Conceived and developed with the aim of offering exceptional sound and touch that will last for many years.

For more than 85 years, Kawai has been developing modern pianos and grand pianos with constantly new ideas, innovative techniques and the best materials in order to keep the art of piano construction at the highest level of contemporary technology. We can draw on many years of experience and tradition and have thus developed our globally recognized know-how that gives the instruments their precise touch, the wonderful sound and the extraordinary longevity. These are the important advantages of Kawai instruments that you will feel today and in the future.

Millennium III action with ABS CARBON
The advanced use of ABS in all of our piano action is one of the most important reasons why Kawai instruments remain so firmly in touch and tone over a long period of time. With the support of the most important piano builders and extensive scientific tests, the reliability of ABS has been proven in Kawai pianos for more than 40 years.

For the manufacture of the Millennium III mechanism, carbon fibers are also integrated into the ABS material developed and patented by Kawai, which gives all mechanical parts made from it an unprecedented level of stability and strength. The targeted arrangement of the fibers means that the force is transferred with practically no loss - which in terms of stability and longevity exceeds all previous, traditional wooden mechanics many times over. The other way around : the additional strength of ABS CARBON helps to minimize the loss of energy between the key and the hammer - and offers the player more options for development and control while requiring less effort.

Longer Keys
Longer keys give you better control and a lighter, smoother feel. A larger cross-section and a length oriented towards the concert grand stiffen the key and enable an extraordinary transfer of energy in order to achieve the maximum sound volume.

The backing of the mechanics
The mechanics bar is the backbone of the mechanics. Kawai's mechanical bar is made of permanently extruded aluminum with a unique "dual-bar" design that gives it extreme strength and stability. Both the mechanism bar and the damper bars are fixed to the point in order to secure the exact position of the mechanism and thus guarantee the stop over the entire life of the sash. The surface of the mechanical bar on which the hammer capsules are screwed has a fine corrugation in order to additionally and optimally fix the position of the hammers. The hammer capsules are made of ABS carbon because this material does not change even with temperature and humidity fluctuations and the screws remain firmly in their position. All these little ones

Kawai grand pianos are known for their expressive sound and great dynamics, which allow pianists to make music with ease and passion.

Duplex scale
The duplex scale adds overtones to the treble, which give each individual tone additional brilliance and sonority.

Agraffes for precise string guidance
Agraffes ensure the accuracy of the string position, the string spacing and the exact attack angle in order to produce greater uniformity of the tone and the actual "sounding length" of a string.

The Power of Pianissimo
One of the most important attributes of a piano is its dynamic balance. The possibility to play not only the powerful fortissimo but also the fine, soulful pianissimo. The technical advantage of the Millennium III mechanism is most evident in its extraordinary ability to produce a perfect pianissimo. Kawai wings are especially impressive when they are whispering.

Conical soundboard made of solid spruce
The soundboard is the heart of a grand piano. Its purpose is to take over the vibrations of the strings and transform them into a rich, full tone. Kawai only uses spruce with narrow annual rings. Each soundboard is conical in shape to maximize its sound production capacity. Only those soundboards that meet or even exceed our high standards are selected for the GL series.

The CORE System
The acronym “Core” stands for “Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy”. Translated freely into German, this describes the point at which the reflections of the energy optimally meet. The various tension carriers of a grand piano - frame, plate, notch - bundle their energy in the central energy center in the heart of the instrument. This focus or tension control creates a point of energy culminating which maximizes the conducting properties of the sound waves of the inner frame.

Bridges Bridges transfer the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. The bridges of the GL series are made of solid maple or beech and carefully positioned and fixed on the soundboard to ensure the correct transmission of string pressure and sound transmission.

The strength of the construction ensures that the wing will meet the expectations placed on it for a very long time. The GL wings have a particularly strong construction that is designed for a long service life.

SOLID (Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design)
A solid construction is the extraordinary basis to keep the tension of the strings stable. Both the sound post, which is screwed to the cast plate, and the protruding part of the sound post, which is solidly connected to the RIM, ensure exceptional strength and support the solidity of the entire construction. We thus create additional tuning stability.

V-pro plate
The plate construction should neither transmit sound energy, nor should it absorb energy. It should withstand the tensile force of the strings. All panels of the GL series are cast in a special vacuum process. We achieve additional reinforcement with this construction through the cross brace. The result is a strong, resistant and also visually appealing cast plate.

Soundposts and tuning pegs
The sounding posts of all GL models consist of at least 11 layers of cross-glued, particularly hard North American maple in order to achieve a special strength and an even torque for the tuning pegs. The tuning pegs are made of carbon steel, into which a fine thread is mechanically milled before being given a nickel alloy. This guarantees optimal torque, a beautiful appearance and a long service life for this important component.

Key attachment strip with steel core
The long and narrow key attachment strip of a grand piano covers the front of the keyboard. Due to the climate and mechanical influences, it could be prone to twisting, which could then be the cause of stuck keys. Not so with the GL series, where the bar is provided with an additional steel strut. The keyboard remains free because the bar retains its straight shape for the entire life of the instrument.

Keyboard bed with steel rail
The keyboard bed of a grand piano must be strong and firm in order to be able to bear the weight of the entire mechanism. The keyboard bed of the GL series is made of particularly resistant hardwood and is supported by a strong steel rail. This prevents the keyboard bed from sinking and the resulting loss of energy.

"Soft Fall" key flap
The particularly slow-closing key flap with a double damping mechanism protects the hands and the surface of the grand piano from injuries and damage that can be caused by suddenly slamming the key flap.

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